Are you ready to create a healthy, comfortable, carbon-free space? So are we! Starting this month, we’re focusing all our efforts on one community-wide, zero-emissions goal we call the “Path to Zero.” It’s a streamlined platform we’ve developed to help you zero-out fossil fuels and carbon emissions in the built environment.

How Does It Work?

Path to Zero is based on the concept of net-zero buildings — the kind that generates as much energy as they consume. That means zero carbon emissions — yahoo! But what does it take to get there? We’ve broken it down into five net-zero steps that apply to any building, whether new construction or remodel of a home, business or facility:

  1. Assess + ease in: Start by evaluating the energy performance of your space with an energy assessment and then tackling the low-hanging fruit of efficiency, like smart thermostats and LED lighting. This is available to everyone, including renters.
  2. Tighten building envelope: Shore up your space by sealing drafts and insulating walls, attics, and crawl spaces to make the most of the heating and cooling you’re already paying for.
  3. Electrify mechanicals: Get off of fossil fuels (natural gas and propane) and onto electricity by switching your appliances and mechanical systems to all-electric.
  4. Power renewably. Tap renewable electricity sources like solar, wind, and geothermal to heat and power your space.
  5. Drive change: Take it next level through battery storage and electric vehicle charging at home or work.

We understand that this transition can be complicated and, at some stages, expensive, which is why we exist. Our mission as a non-profit is to make carbon-free living easier on you and your wallet. 

“With the Path to Zero, we want to support and empower the community to transition to net-zero buildings,” says Marty Treadway, CORE Program Director, and architect of the new program. “By connecting you to our free energy advising, incentives, and resources, we can help you get to low or no carbon, no matter where you’re starting.”

By design, the program has multiple entry points — for the newbie or the grandmaster. And the strategies and rebates apply to all; renters, homeowners, business owners, facility managers, nonprofits, and institutions can all take part.

Smart Energy. Less Carbon. More Living.

As CORE’s first executive director, the late Randy Udall famously said: “When we put intelligence in a building, it uses less energy.” His words are as true today as they were 19 years ago. Smart energy makes better buildings: healthier, cozier, and safer. Over the long run, they are more affordable to operate, consume fewer fossil fuels, and emit less carbon. It’s a win-win: your space can take care of you — and the environment. 

How to Plug-In

Getting going with us is as easy as starting a conversation. Tell us about your project and learn about Path to Zero here. As soon as you hit “send,” our energy advisors are on the job, scheduling your energy assessment, empowering your learning, co-creating an energy plan, and helping you maximize your impact. 

Did we mention this service is free? Thanks to funding from the Renewable Energy Mitigation Program and our sponsors, Path to Zero services and rebates are offered as a service to the community. 

So what are you waiting for? Get on the Path to Zero with us today. 

Get the download of Path to Zero on our new website. And check out your neighbors who are leading the way on net-zero: