Are you intrigued about net-zero life? You’re in good company. We’re fielding triple the inquiries we were just a year ago. And it’s not just that conversations about carbon-free spaces are going up; they’re also digging deeper.

“Everybody’s talking about it and, generally, people have been more engaged and have a better grasp on how the different systems within a building are interconnected,” says Hannah Itzler, CORE’s Residential Programs Manager. 

Take Carbondale homeowners Cindy Suplizio and Peter Mueller, who had been dreaming of a net-zero home for 15 years — long before the term was recognized. The time was finally right last May and one of their earliest calls was to CORE, who they heard about from friends. 

“There were a lot of unknowns,” said Suplizio. “We knew we wanted to do it, but couldn’t get the answers we needed, and Marty [Treadway, CORE’s Program Director] was there. He was a big help with ideas for the house: heat-pump technology, our solar proposal for Xcel Energy, air sealing and insulation.”

The early investment of time in CORE’s free energy advising paid off. This year the couple earned Carbondale’s lowest net-zero rating ever (a Home Energy Rating Score of 2 on a scale of 100), earning them bragging rights, peace of mind, and a $10,000 Net Zero Grant from CORE.

That’s a zero that adds up.

Homeowner Peter Mueller, who with wife Cindy Suplizio, “would come over to the job site with our caulking gun and fill anything that looked like it would be a thermal break.”

If you’d like to join the Suplizio-Mueller family and dozens of other Roaring Fork Valley residents on the Path to Zero, sign up today to start a conversation. The second you hit submit on our “Let’s Get Going” form, we’re on the job connecting you to free energy advising, incentives and resources.