Winter is coming! No, this is not a Game of Thrones promotion. We want to help you make sure your commercial property is ready for winter.

Take these 9 steps and don’t let the cold weather (and your energy bills) catch you off guard!

    1. Start with a commercial assessment: this is a FREE service CORE provides and is the first step on the Path to Zero. You will learn how your space uses energy and ways to be more energy efficient. 
    2. Thermostats: Program your thermostat to match your business hours. No need to heat an empty space!
    3. Pipe wrap: Insulate your pipes with pipe wrap. This prevents your pipes from freezing, but also prevents heat loss so your equipment doesn’t have to run longer and harder. 
    4. Controls and timers: Set your controls and timers for your heat tape and snow melt systems. Set them for use between 9am to 4pm, when it’s most effective. The sun is assisting during those hours.
    5. Air sealing: Add weatherstrips or caulking around your windows and doors to prevent drafts and air leaks. If you see daylight around your doors, that means cold air can get in and heated air out! (Don’t pay to heat the outdoors!)
    6. Insulate: Add insulation to your space so you can use less heat to stay warm. 
    7. HVAC units: Check economizers, verifying that dampers are opening and closing properly, not stuck in a stationary position. 
    8. Boiler tune-up: Now is the time to do a check up on your heating system before winter rolls around. Be proactive- you don’t want to have to make upgrades in the middle of winter! If it is time to make the switch, consider installing a heat pump, which is the most energy efficient heating & cooling option on the market!

Hurry! Winter is just around the corner, so get started today before the snow falls!

Call CORE’s Commercial Program Manager, Mike Bouchet, today to schedule a walkthrough and get specific winter solutions and advising for your space.