Justin Brice Guariglia

The Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) and Anderson Ranch Arts Center co-present We Are the Asteroid II, a public art installation by environmental activist and artist Justin Brice Guariglia. We Are the Asteroid II will be exhibited at Anderson Ranch from March 4 through April 1, as part of a visual arts exhibition co-curated by both organizations, titled Imagine Climate: artists on climate change. 

Guariglia uses a solar-powered LED message board lit with messages he refers to as “aphorisms” that call attention to ecological issues. His surprising poetry, metaphor, and humor draw in diverse audiences, enabling new conversations on our planetary crisis. The re-appropriated highway signs —  which bring to mind the roadside notices during the Lake Christine Fire and recent roadway construction projects in the upper valley  — alert viewers to the dangers ahead. About his work, Guariglia writes: The ecological crisis we face today is the moral imperative of our time. At this critical juncture, art must be used as a positive force for social and political change, and to help open our minds to new possibilities.”


This program is sponsored by Aspen Skiing Company Environment Foundation, Snowmass Arts Advisory Board, Town of Snowmass Village, and The Collective at Snowmass Base Village.
Imagine Climate Sponsors