Chad Rudow and His Family on The Bank of The Roaring Fork River
“We love spending time on the river with our boys,” says Chad Rudow. “We’re protecting the snowpack — which becomes water in our rivers — and saving energy, thanks to two rebates from CORE.” Image: Michele Cardamone Photography

You might say that the river runs through him. Chad Rudow’s love affair with water “goes quite a ways back,” to childhood hikes with his family alongside the streams of Estes Park. Later, as a young river guide, he gained an appreciation for the Roaring Fork Valley’s “gold medal” waters. Today, he is a riverkeeper, tending the quality of our local waterways for the Roaring Fork Conservancy.

So whenever Chad and his wife Tiffanie get the chance to work on their South Glenwood home, where they live with their two young boys, they make sure to upgrade to “anything that’s energy efficient and water efficient.” Working with CORE for the last decade, the couple has reduced their energy and water consumption by upgrading every major appliance in their home, installing a programmable thermostat, and most recently boosting the efficiency of their water heater and furnace. They’ve received a rebate from CORE on almost every project, in addition to estimated annual savings of $600 on the heating system improvements alone.

“A lot of times what helps bridge the gap between a high-efficiency choice and a standard one, is a CORE rebate,” says Rudow. “The rebates make lowering our carbon footprint possible.”

How does this work? By cutting their energy consumption, the Rudows reduce demand on fossil fuels and cut greenhouse gas emissions, which are a major source of the human-caused global warming that diminishes water availability in snowpack. [1] So by saving energy, they’re reducing carbon pollution and also helping to protect the watershed.

They also got a “pleasant surprise” when they learned from CLEER of Garfield Clean Energy’s low-interest loans available for their home energy upgrades. The financing, “in the 3% range,” was a leg up on the big outlay required to replace their furnace.

Decisions like these come naturally for the water-minded family who love to explore all things river and riparian. It could be an after school walk to the Roaring Fork to play at water’s edge. Or collecting water quality samples with Dad. Or any number of recreational activities — rafting, backpacking, and skiing come to mind — that depend on the snowpack.

For the Rudows it’s important to help their boys make the connection that the snow they love to ski on becomes the water in the streams they love to play on in the summer — just as Chad does in his work at the Roaring Fork Conservancy.

“We’re lucky to live in an area that has high water quality,” he says. “We’re close to the source — the snowpack — and we’ve got to do everything we can to protect it.”

If you’re interested in protecting our natural resources by saving energy, or would simply like to plug into CORE rebates and available financing options, give the CORE Energy Analysts a call at 970.925.9775. We’re happy to help.