This summer, the Town of Basalt unanimously passed the 2018 Sustainable Building Regulations. As a result, contractors applying for building permits in Basalt are required to earn two hours of eligible training. See the regs here. No need to fret about that requirement! Basalt is hosting a series of FREE workshops, led by local contractor and trainer Scott Mills, that fulfill the required training.  

Mills’ speciality, the Zero Energy Ready Home (ZER), is a program of the Department of Energy and represents a new level of home performance with rigorous requirements that ensure outstanding levels of energy savings, comfort, health and durability. ZER’s route to a high-performance home is simpler than standards like LEED and Passive House because it is based on building codes which builders are already comfortable with. Additionally, the program has extensive support with a solution center that provides answers with architectural drawings, how-to videos, and checklists.

“ZER certification is an alternate path with robust training and support for the construction community,” said Mills. “Builders can now learn how to build the homes of the future without having to re-gear how they build throughout their career.”

To learn more about the program and check-off the continuing education requirement, attend one of the following sessions:

  • Wed., Sept. 26, 9–11am
  • Thurs., Oct. 25, 9–11am
  • Wed., Nov. 7, 2–4pm

The trainings will be held in the Town of Basalt meeting room. Please RSVP at least two days in advance by emailing or calling (970) 927- 4701 ext. 203