Has the climate strike sparked curiosity about how to lower your carbon emissions and fight climate change? You are not alone. In mid-September, Google searches for the term “climate strike” skyrocketed to their highest levels ever, a 100-fold increase from the year prior. 

CORE wants to put your inquisitiveness to work. In October, we joined four local governments—Aspen, Basalt, Snowmass and Pitkin County—in publishing carbon emissions reports and recommendations for the most meaningful ways to drop your carbon footprint. Here are the top five steps residents like you can take to have impact:

  1. Sign up for an energy assessment for your home or business. This diagnostic process lets you know how your building is performing and provides a custom energy action plan.
  2. Improve the energy efficiency of your spaces (home, business and/or public building). Get started here.
  3. Increase your mix of renewable electricity by enrolling in PuRe, Holy Cross Energy’s Purchase Renewable Energy program.
  4. Tell your elected officials that you want more renewable energy projects and energy benchmarking of buildings. 
  5. Get out of your fossil-fueled ride and into public transportation or an electric vehicle.

More ideas on  fighting climate change and case studies at www.aspencore.org/action.