Methane has been a large topic of conversation here at CORE and in the environmental community. Methane is 84 to 87 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over a 20-year span , so by focusing on reducing methane emissions, we will have a larger immediate impact on climate change. Colorado is set to be the first state to consider the social costs of methane, putting the cost at $1,756 per short ton vs the carbon dioxide cost at $68. This acknowledges the damages of these emissions and will impact the emissions reduction legislation. Read the full story of how Colorado legislation is aiming to lower methane emissions here.

CORE with the help of Aspen Ski Co and scientist Chris Caskey are working on a methane capture program at the Coal Basin Mine. The emissions of this mine are more than the emissions of Pitkin County’s residential energy, commercial energy, transportation, aviation and waste combined. This project could be an example of how to capture methane for the rest of Colorado and the country, read more about it here.

With severe weather impacting the country, now is the time to get involved in slowing the effects of climate change. Consider donating to CORE today to help support the methane capture program.