The Randy Udall Energy Pioneer Grant (TRUE Pioneer Grant)

The Randy Udall Energy Pioneer Grant (TRUE Pioneer Grant)2018-11-27T10:37:47+00:00

The Randy Udall Energy Pioneer Grant, is CORE’s largest and most competitive grant program. It is named in honor of Randy Udall, CORE’s first Executive Director and one of the nation’s leading activists in promoting energy sustainability. To learn more about Randy’s achievements and to read his work, featured in numerous national publications, visit

The Randy Udall Energy Pioneer Grant

Provides funding to:

  • Public agencies
  • Schools
  • Nonprofits
  • Businesses

General Guidelines:

  • Availability: Yearly cycle
  • Application Deadline: May 1 (at midnight)
  • Grant award: $10,000 – $200,000
  • Location: Roaring Fork Valley (Glenwood Springs to Aspen)

Supports carbon reduction:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Conservation

How to Apply:

Online Application Form: Click here to complete the online application form. Your application will not be considered until you submit all of the required documentation and answered all of the application questions. If you have any problem uploading documents, please email documents to Marty Treadway.

Required Documents: Project budget, organization budget, supporting documents (architectural or engineering drawings, photographs, and/or presentations that will clarify the project), and signed W-9 form.

Required Submittal Questions:

Please prepare responses to the questions below. Your grant application will be ranked against the following criteria categories: savings, community, innovation, and education.

Organization Description: Please provide a brief overview of your organization, including its mission and history.

Project Description and Goals: How does your project improve energy efficiency, generate renewable energy, or promote energy and environmental educational awareness in the Roaring Fork Valley? How does it benefit the local community, economy, and /or environment? What are the tangible results, etc.?

Project Urgency: Discuss the urgency of your project. What opportunities will be lost if the project does not proceed according to your projected timeline? Describe the extent to which a CORE Grant will contribute to the completion and success of your project.

Estimated Savings: Provide detailed calculations demonstrating the basis for your estimated energy and greenhouse gas emissions savings.

Project Team: What are the qualifications, experience, skills and capabilities of individuals who will be responsible for project completion? Identify in-house project managers, outside contractors, consultants, and vendors, as applicable. What are their qualifications to manage grant funds responsibly and reach stated goals of the proposed project?

Project Budget: Please enter your project budget that outlines total cost of the project and total contributions by others. Be sure to indicate whether additional financial support is secured or requested. Clearly explain how this grant will help to fund this specific project. You may upload a spreadsheet at the end of this application if easier.

*You can enter “See attached” if you are attaching documentation for the questions.

Funding Restrictions:

  • Grants cannot be approved for projects already completed
  • Grant funds cannot be combined with CORE rebates or other CORE Grants for the approved grant project, during the year in which the grant is awarded
  • The grant award should not exceed 50% of project cost when combined with other incentives
  • The project must be fully completed before grant payment may be requested
  • Successful grants require installation of energy monitoring system (hardware provided)

Searching for inspiration? Curious about what grants have been awarded in the past? Read about our 2018 Randy Udall Energy Pioneer grantees.

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