Rose Abello on the Gondola at Aspen Mountain Discussing Her Quick-fix Installations for Energy Efficiency

Like many of us in the Roaring Fork Valley, the allure of the Rockies was big for Rose Abello — 2,000 miles big. On vacation from her NY career, she was perched on a chairlift when she decided it was time to convert her ski town fantasy to reality. With her eye on Aspen, she packed her bags in 1997 and threw down roots. So when it came time to purchase a home here, the PR and tourism pro knew that the mountains would be at the heart of retrofit decisions and quick-fix installations for her abode.

“I wanted to do some renovations at my new place (bought Nov 2016) and wanted help in making the smartest decisions all around – for the environment, financially, functionally,” Abello said recently in an email from her desk as Tourism Director for Snowmass.

She turned to the High Five, last year’s energy action movement launched by CORE and the City of Aspen. Pledging to take five energy-saving actions, she was automatically entered into a monthly prize drawing and won a home energy assessment.

“It was a thrill to win and happened so fast,” said Abello. “Within a day or two, Kate called me to schedule [the assessment] and explain what to expect.”

Abello was fascinated by the home diagnostic and energy performance tests, which she called “super cool” and “informative.” She was able to be on site while the energy analyst was conducting the assessment, which included a blower door test, thermal imaging, safety testing for carbon monoxide and radon, a report that identified opportunities for energy improvements, and $100 worth of quick-fix installations.

“I didn’t expect right at that audit to walk away with some benefits — and at no [extra] cost,” she said. Quick-fix installations like water heater blanket and LED lightbulbs were among the quick-fix installations for her three-story, 1,400 square foot home in the Aspen core.

Ultimately Abello’s biggest dividends were the resources she has received with the assessment: personal coaching on her energy priorities, a list of certified contractors, and education on potential rebates.

Her plans are not yet finalized though swapping out her furnace and water heater for high efficiency models is at the top of the list.

“Now I am so much better equipped,” said Abello. “As I bid these out, I can better evaluate the return on investment, not only on a cost perspective, but on an environmental perspective.”

That’s good news for the dedicated skier. With worries about whether she’s making the right decisions on her retrofit covered, Abello has her eyes on another prize: beating her season record for skier days (135, in case you were wondering).

Like a check-up for your house, getting a home energy assessment lets you know how your home is performing and provides tips and resources to optimize it. It’s the gateway to using less energy. The assessment includes safety testing, $100 worth of quick-fix installs, and a report that outlines opportunities for improvements.

Call us today at 970.925.9775, email a question, or sign up here. This $400 value is subsidized by CORE and our utility partners and only costs you $100!

Do you live in the Town of Snowmass Village? If so, thanks to the generosity of a local donor, the assessment is available at no cost to Snowmass Village residents! For this limited time only, residents also qualify for up to $200 in quick-fix installations like LEDs, programmable thermostats, pipe wrap, or a water heater blanket.