After a year hiatus, we are excited to announce the CORE Grant (formerly the Randy Udall True Pioneer Grant) is rejoining the funding lineup! We can all agree 2020 was a trying year, and due to covid-19 we had to put our flagship grant on a pause and make a couple of changes. We are taking advantage of our updated territory (Pitkin and Eagle Counties in the Roaring Fork Valley) to be more effective with our dollars. One exciting change is that we are now accepting grant applications on a rolling basis, making them accessible all year round.

How can CORE help you with your next project?

CORE offers 3 different types of grants, so your project will likely fall under one of these 3 categories:

  1. CORE (True Pioneer) Grant: Inspired by Randy Udall (CORE’s first executive director), this is CORE’s largest grant and is awarded to big and impactful projects. It goes to public agencies, schools, nonprofits, and businesses, and is up to $50,000!
  2. Community Grant: This is a flexible grant and is up to $25,000 for new technology and innovation during the design phase of businesses and commercial projects.
  3. Net-Zero Grant: This is for homes using little to no external energy so they are energy efficient and also produce their own energy. You can receive between $2,000-$8,000 that can be combined with rebates for up to a total of $14,000.

Why are CORE grants so important? 

The origin of these grants dates back to the start of CORE with our first executive director Randy Udall. He was constantly innovating and because of his efforts, so many inspirational projects have flourished throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. They inspire other projects, provide an economic boost, and have helped bring this community closer to zero carbon emissions.

Examples of successful projects funded by CORE grants:

1. Basalt Vista Employee Housing – This project received a CORE Grant and $100,000 in funding. This funded heat pumps, rooftop solar, and beneficial electrification helping each home reach net-zero. Importantly, this project provides sustainable affordable housing for teachers and local workers and can be a blueprint for future housing developments and employee housing options.

Photo: Aspen Times

2. Marble Distilling Co. – Owner Connie Baker wants to be the first net-zero distillery, and she is well on her way with CORE’s help. The distillery has received over $75,000 with the Community Grant, and the most recent funding went towards an electric heat pump, creating an innovative heating & cooling system and cutting her utilities in half! 

3. Ben Koons Net Zero Home –  Ben received a Net-Zero Homes Grant which was $8,000 plus $4,750 in rebates for his solar thermal and PV solar! He took advantage of CORE’s energy advising to design his net-zero dream home that emits zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Where to start?

For all of these grants, the CORE staff will advise you every step of the way. Consulting with CORE from the get go will help you meet your energy goals efficiently and effectively. 

If you think your project will decrease energy consumption in the Roaring Fork Valley, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, educate the community on energy-related issues, and support research and development of cutting-edge, clean energy design technologies, then apply for a grant today! 

Want more information on funding for your next project? Visit our grants page or email CORE’s Program Director Marty Treadway to get started!