What’s the best way to cool in the summer without an air conditioner? No AC, no problem. Consider a heat pump.

It might have heat in the name but heat pumps don’t produce heat. They move it around. When it gets hot inside, a heat pump will move hot air outside leaving you with a cool, comfortable temperature. They do the opposite in the winter by extracting heat from the air outside and moving it in. 

A Heat pump is a great option for people in the Roaring Fork Valley that might not have a cooling system. While the most efficient cooling system is none at all, a heat pump can supplement cool air the few days out of the year it’s needed. Since they can both heat and cool, they’re a climate-friendly solution for replacing or supplementing fossil-fueled heating systems with the bonus capability of cooling. Plus, they are three times more efficient.

Who should consider a heat pump? Anyone who likes comfort, safety and being a good friend of the environment. Especially those who power their home with renewable energy.

There is a heat pump for nearly every situation. Whether your primary heat comes from a furnace, baseboard electric, boiler or radiant system, replacing it with a heat pump is a good way to be a part of the carbon-free community. The cooling part is just icing on the cake. 

When installing a heat pump in a new home or business or replacing an existing heating or cooling system, the most important part is to get the right size and configuration for your space. Don’t know where to start? Let CORE make it easy with an Energy Assessment and use the qualified contractor list to find the right installer for your project.  

When should you install a heat pump? Anytime but January (and sometimes January).

The best time to install a new heating or cooling system is before your old one goes out. Install a heat pump during the dog days of summer and enjoy the luxury of a cool home while you prepare for a cozy winter. 

Heat pumps are becoming more and more popular. That means sometimes there can be some lead time to get one. Plan ahead! Don’t wait for the family to drop in over Christmas and freeze their toes off while you scramble to find a local contractor. 

Where are heat pumps a good idea? Everywhere! Especially the Roaring Fork Valley. 

It doesn’t get much better than a summer in the RFV. But for the handful of hot days, you’ll be glad you installed a heat pump. And in the winter, they work down to -15F – talk about a great 2 for 1!

Installing an air conditioning system can be overly complicated and expensive for the amount of use they get in Pitkin and Eagle Counties. That means people in this Valley are perfect candidates for heat pumps. Afterall, comfort and cost matter. And so does the climate. 

Why should you consider installing a heat pump? Electrifying everything. 

You might have heard the buzz about beneficial electrification. It’s a big deal around here. The greener our electricity supply becomes (thanks Holy Cross Energy!), the less carbon we produce when we choose electricity over fossil fuels. 

According to a recent analysis by the Rocky Mountain Institute, “modeling projects Colorado’s overall emissions will drop from 2005 levels by just 3.4% by 2030 and only 18% by 2050.” That’s not going to cut it. We invite you to be a part of a carbon-free future that preserves our mountain way of life by checking out a heat pump for your heating and cooling needs. 

Bonus How: Call CORE to schedule an energy assessment or advising session. We know building efficiency like a baker knows bread. We’ll analyze your space to make sure the right system is installed by the most capable hands. Fill out the form below and get started today!

Pictured above: Heat pump header from Ben Koon’s project by Daniel Bayer Photography