Jesse Kahn

Jesse grew up in Philadelphia and spent his days dreaming of the mountains. After graduating from the University of Denver, and receiving a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Mechatronic Systems Engineering, he did everything possible to find a job in the valley. His passion for renewable energy and efficiency, as well as his technical background, made him a great fit for Aspen CORE, and he is thrilled to be the Program Coordinator for our residential program. Jesse is outgoing, friendly and well versed on the technicalities surrounding renewable energy and resource efficiency. When he is not skiing, biking, or playing in the mountains, you can find him passionately explaining why renewable energy is the future, and how to make it a reality. Jesse loves helping those without a technical background understand the benefits of renewables, electrification and resourse efficiency. If you are ever looking for an avid conversation about a more sustainable future, he is the guy to talk to.

CORE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to leading the Roaring Fork Valley to a carbon-free, net zero energy future.