We had the chance to sit down with George for a quick Q&A about his history with CORE, the climate and a friendly chat about politics. January 20th was the perfect day to interview George. Talking to an influential local politician on the day of Joe Biden’s historic nomination was quite the treat. George served as a Pitkin County commissioner for 12 years, the maximum allowed under the term limit. He served all 12 of those years on the CORE Board of Directors, 10 of which he spent as the chairman.

It is with great gratitude that we say farewell to Mr. Newman. His service, leadership and expertise on the CORE Board allowed the organization to thrive. We hope you enjoy learning a little more about George’s history with CORE and the climate.

What originally made climate such an important issue to you?

“Oh…That’s not an easy one to answer quickly. My early background involved in outdoor recreation really heightened my awareness of the importance of stewardship of the environment from water quality to air quality. They are related in the importance of protecting our environment and the challenges of climate change.”

What is your all-time favorite CORE project?

“CORE has always been innovative and is always looking for new ways to fulfill the mission…I think more recently, CORE’s involvement in the Basalt Vista project opened up a whole new opportunity to showcase how developers can accomplish net-zero building.”

Can we, as humans, get it together and fix this thing?

“Yeah, just look at the supply side. Energy companies, like Holy Cross and Xcel, are moving towards renewables, and that extends far beyond the valley. It’s the whole supply chain is changing.”

Any plans, officially or not, to continue supporting climate action?

“I’m sure I’ll be involved in something but who knows. There will be some links and tie-ins that will definitely address climate change in some fashion.”

Thanks for everything, George!

PC: Courtesy photo above sourced from the Aspen Times