How It Works

We can help you get on the Path to Zero in just a few steps:

Start the Conversation 

Tell us about your project and get connected to our energy advisors. Enrolling during the earliest stages of your project will ensure access to the full suite of CORE’s incentives and resources for your energy improvements.

Assess Your Space

Schedule an energy assessment to evaluate the energy performance of your building. By knowing where you’re starting, we can help you design the most impactful changes.

Get Expert Advice

Once you’re enrolled and assessed, we’ll be at your side through the process from beginning to end, co-creating a personalized plan that maximizes impact and minimizes confusion. Did we mention this service is free?

Take Action

With your energy plan, custom incentives and contractor list in hand, start making energy improvements to your building. Enjoy your healthier, more comfortable, low-carbon space!

Step 1: Assess + Easy Action
Step 2: Tighten Building Envelope
Step 3: Electrify Mechanicals
Step 4: Power Renewably

Let’s Get Going!

A better life starts with a better space. Tell us about your project in the form at right. The second you hit submit, we’re on the job connecting you to our free energy advising, incentives and resources. We can’t wait to get going with you. 

If you have any issues with our form, please email or call us and we will help you.

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