Heat Pump Webinar Series

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Heat Pumps for Homes with Ducted Furnaces

When: September 14 @ 5:30pm

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Time to replace your failing or old furnace? Tired of being hot and want to add air conditioning to you furnace system? Learn how a Cold Climate Heat Pump heating and cooling system can save you money on heating bills, make your home more comfortable and reduce reliance on natural gas or propane.

This webinar is focused on practical information and tips for homeowners and will cover […]

Heat Pump Webinar Series

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Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps – cooling and complimentary heating for existing homes, and remodels or additions

When: August 31st @ 5:30

Are you looking to add cooling to your existing house, condo or townhouse with radiant heating? Are you remodeling or expanding your home and need to add heating and cooling?

Learn how a cold climate mini-split heat pump is the most flexible and cost- effective heating and cooling solution for homes heated with a boiler that want to add cooling or supplemental […]

The 5 W’s of Cooling with a Heat Pump

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What’s the best way to cool in the summer without an air conditioner? No AC, no problem. Consider a heat pump.

It might have heat in the name but heat pumps don’t produce heat. They move it around. When it gets hot inside, a heat pump will move hot air outside leaving you with a cool, comfortable temperature. They do the opposite in the winter by […]

5 Reasons We ♥ Heat Pump Water Heaters

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Cheap, smart, and green. What’s not to love? That’s what CORE’s Program Director Marty Treadway has to say about the heat-pumps that heat water. He recently installed one during his whole-home energy retrofit. Here are five reasons we <3 this technology:

5. They allow you to be the master and commander of your water heater.

“The coolest thing for me as a homeowner is the level of control I have with a hybrid-electric (heat-pump) water heater.”

Heat-pump […]

Use Cold Air to Heat Your Home? Use a Heat Pump.

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Can you use cold air to heat your home? All you have to do is use a heat pump. Just ask a Swede. In Sweden, a legit cold climate, they’re staying toasty with heat pumps. Unlike other heating systems, heat pumps don’t generate heat to keep your home cozy and warm — they take heat from the air. Recent advances mean this technology is now burning a hot path into cold-climate homes in the US.

Use a heat […]

Energy Efficiency at Her Fingertips

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Mary Frances Szoradi at home with daughter Amelia: “Our smart thermostats are super convenient. Controlling our thermostat and seeing our energy use right from our phones gives us more time for playing outside with our daughter, even when it snows in May.” Photo credit Michele Cardamone Photography.

When Mary Frances Szoradi explains why she and her husband are modernizing their mid-70s home, she cuts right to the chase: “carpeting in the bathroom.” But faster than you can say “outta here,” […]

Can Electric Heat Pumps Save the Climate — or at Least Your Energy Bills?

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Heat Pumps a Revolution in Home Heating

Saving on your utility bills, reducing energy use, lowering your carbon footprint — all admirable goals for the modern homeowner. But how can one do it all? The answer: innovation and electric heat pumps.

Innovation starts at home when you incorporate a heat pump to heat your home. While heat pump technology is anything but new, recent advances in the industry make this a […]

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