Yes, She’s an Energy Warrior

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Did you know that less than a quarter of all workers employed in energy-efficiency fields are women? Solar companies, utilities, and other facets of the energy industry also report uninspiringly low numbers of female participation.

Today we are celebrating boundary-pushing women who are bucking the trend. Below are five energy warriors who are creating change that matters and generating new possibilities. These female architects, energy-efficiency specialists, and contractors remind us to get up and do something!


Say Hello to Our Energy Pioneers

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CORE’s Executive Director, Mona Newton, welcomes the 2018 TRUE Energy Pioneers grantees during the annual reception held in the blue twilight of dusk, at the Roaring Fork Conservancy’s River Center, a 2017 grant winner.

We’ve got to do more and we have to do it fast, according to the newest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report put together by the world’s best climate scientists. That’s why we’re proud to present the recipients of the Randy […]

How The RFV Keeps the Lights On

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We’ve got a long list of ways you can use less energy, but a 72-hour power outage doesn’t make the cut. A blackout of that scale was a real threat during the early days of the Lake Christine Fire. Crews from Holy Cross Energy and Xcel Energy, two of the electric utilities serving our region, were working hard to keep the power flowing. The fire may be contained, but the utilities are still working around the […]

Partnering for Sustainable AND Affordable Housing with Basalt Vista

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Architectural renderings of Basalt Vista created by  2757 design+build co.

Affordable Housing. Often the topic of newspaper headlines, local radio stations, or conversations at the coffee shop. It’s also been a thorn in the side for our communities, struggling to diplomatically address the issue. How do we build it? Where do we build it? Who is going to pay for it?

Over […]

Basalt Cracks the Code

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We can’t overemphasize the importance of Basalt’s building codes. This dense and complicated set of guidelines on mundane things like insulation and glazing requirements isn’t fun leisure reading. But they are one of the most important tools local governments have to reduce energy use in homes and businesses — and to take action on climate.

With the goal of creating homes that use less fossil fuels while improving the comfort and well-being of inhabitants, CORE contracted with two sustainable building specialists […]

The Solar Way

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“With our rebates from CORE, we installed solar panels, cutting last month’s electric bill by almost 95% and lowering our carbon footprint,” said Greg Poschman, enjoying the Pitkin County solar gain with his family. Photo: Michele Cardamone Photography

High above the valley floor, on a winding lane rightly named Solar Way, blue skies frame Pitkin County Commissioner Greg Poschman’s home. It’s natural that the Aspen native looked to the sun to offset his family’s home energy consumption and protect the […]

Aspen Energy Challenge Nets $1.6 Million in Energy Savings

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City of Aspen employees Ryland French and Chris Menges delivering the energy-efficiency goods during the Aspen Energy Challenge.

The City of Aspen and the Community Office for Resource Efficiency are pleased to announce that the organizations helped facilitate $1.6 million in energy savings in the community, compared to a 2013 through 2014 baseline in partnership Holy Cross Energy and Black Hills Energy.  From 2015 through 2016, these organizations provided education, rebates, subsidized energy assessments, and […]

Riverview Gets a Solar View

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K-8 School Receives Solar CORE Grant

The Roaring Fork School District prides itself on innovation in and out of the classroom. In 2014, the district went through the process of developing a facility master plan, taking in comments from staff, parents, and community members. The outcome was clear: stakeholders wanted to embrace sustainability.

The goals were ambitious, including energy-efficient buildings and solar-ready facilities. The school district took that mandate and put it […]

No Light Left Unturned

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Mark Taylor and Colin Laird (left to right) array themselves on the Third Street Center ro

The Third Street Center Flips the Switch on Energy Efficiency

At Carbondale’s Third Street Center, sustainability meets the eye: solar PV on the roof, electric vehicle charging stations line the parking lot, low-flow water fixtures in the bathrooms, and skylights galore. But what’s happening behind the scenes is equally impressive: the Third Street […]

A Bright Forecast for Solar PV

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Across the United States, solar energy is growing, with experts showing a bright forecast. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the renewable energy generated from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems is expected to triple over the next five years. It’s no surprise then that CORE is seeing dramatic growth locally, with a greater number of systems and larger systems in the pipeline.

CORE has worked to increase local renewable energy for years, offering support to homeowners and business owners […]

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