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Earth Day Action

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Limited time offer for the first 25 sign-ups through April 22, 2021. Available to Roaring Fork Valley residents in Pitkin and Eagle counties. 

Let’s Get Going!

A better life starts with a better space. Tell us about your project in the form at right. The second you hit submit, we’re on the job connecting you to our free energy advising, incentives and […]

2020 Energy Warrior Awards

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We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Energy Warrior Awards. CORE established the annual awards last year during the organization’s 25th anniversary. The Energy Warrior Awards honor Roaring Fork Valley champions of clean energy and climate restoration in six categories. The 2020 award recipients are: Joani Matranga (Lifetime Achievement), Ben Koons (Homeowner), Beatriz Soto (Professional – Community), Chris Bilby (Professional – Innovation), Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (Business), and Bruce Matherly (People’s Choice)

“CORE was founded by many […]

Energy Warrior Award for 2020 People’s Choice Category

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Please join us in congratulating Bruce Matherly, 2020 Energy Warrior in the People’s Choice category. Bruce was nominated for this honor by two different people, Jeffrey Woodruff and Natacha Kiler (who submitted this tribute), and received the top votes from our community.

“Bruce Matherly is an Energy Warrior who walks the walk and supports clean energy and the environment in his personal and professional life. It is not his job and it brings him no glory.  His […]

2020 Energy Warrior Lifetime Achievement Award

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Upon arriving in the Roaring Fork Valley more than 30 years ago, this Energy Warrior threw her energy and attention into her first love — alpine skiing — spending days shredding deep powder with ski patrollers and others, learning the mountain slopes.  Within a few years, her primary focus turned to the biggest challenge of our lifetime: climate change.  

She was one of CORE’s first employees, working side by side with Randy Udall ideating programs like the […]

Energy Warrior Awards 2020 Business of the Year

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For forward-thinking energy systems + low-carbon facilities that are part of their strategic planning, we’re honored to present this nonprofit with the 2020 Energy Warrior Award in the Business category. This is a modern Energy Warrior with a 50-year history, going back to the organization’s early executive directors who strove for net zero energy before it was even a thing. In their wish to eliminate the carbon footprint of all facilities, Tom and Jody Cardamone began a trajectory […]

Stitching Together a Carbon-free Community

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When Matt Shmigelsky found the foreclosure sale up the Crystal in 2014, the property was in rough shape. The previous owner — a real-life junkyard owner — had left his calling cards all over the three-acre lot. “RVs, trash, a lot to clean up,” said Matt. But beneath the debris, he could sense potential on this rare piece of accessibly priced raw land where he could park the low-carbon tiny home he had just built with the support […]

Energy Warrior Award for 2020 Professional of the Year: Innovation

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For his leadership in innovation, we’re honored to present this utility professional with a 2020 Energy Warrior Award in the Professional category. As the Research and Program Engineer at Holy Cross Energy (HCE), this Energy Warrior occupies a unique position at the nonprofit electric co-op and in the valley; he bridges the worlds between operation of HCE’s power grid and the way its 55,000+ members interact with it. The Basalt […]

Energy Warrior Award for 2020 Homeowner of the Year

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For his work to design, build and share the gospel of net zero, we’re honored to present this community leader with a 2020 Energy Warrior Award in the Homeowner category. He is an architect who, with sweat equity and friend labor, recently completed a DIY build of his own net-zero home in Old Snowmass. Notably, he is not a contractor. When his desire to […]

Energy Warrior Awards 2020 People’s Choice Voting

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The winner will be announced this week on CORE’s Facebook and Instagram. Stay Tuned!

Laura Armstrong

Connie Baker

Paul Dankers

Scott Ely

Bryan Hannegan

Cindy Houben

Shelley Kaup

Bruce Matherly

Mark Mclain

Sean Nesbitt

Stewart Oksenhorn

Mike Tierney

Mary Wiener

Bodhi Yang

2019 Energy Warriors


Vote, Volunteer, Feel Better

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Is the world feeling strange — and you with it? You’re not alone. A recent poll by the American Psychiatric Association shows that anxiety is on the rise in the US. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to any American with a pulse. But given that this survey took place in late May — three months after COVID landed but before 2020 began unleashing its full script — you can bet it’s only […]

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