The Social Costs of Methane

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Methane has been a large topic of conversation here at CORE and in the environmental community. Methane is 84 to 87 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over a 20-year span , so by focusing on reducing methane emissions, we will have a larger immediate impact on climate change. Colorado is set to be the first state to consider the social costs of methane, putting the cost at $1,756 per short ton vs the carbon dioxide cost at […]

How to Zero: Your Climate, Your Path

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The Path to Zero: How to Unlock Incentives

We are all on the Path to Zero – zero fossil fuels, zero energy waste, zero carbon emissions. The Path to Zero is the most effective order to tackle energy upgrades in your home or space by taking the guesswork out of which project you should take plus rebates and incentives to make it happen. It doesn’t make sense to […]

Vote for a Carbon-free Future

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You’ve probably heard of Holy Cross Energy, but like most people, you might not think about your utilities much after that. As the valley’s largest utility, it might be worth taking a closer look, since they are responsible for providing clean, sustainable electricity options from Aspen to Vail. HCE is a cooperative, which means it’s the customers who have a say in decision making, so that’s where you come in. The energy coop is having an […]

Earth Day Action

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Limited time offer for the first 25 sign-ups through April 22, 2021. Available to Roaring Fork Valley residents in Pitkin and Eagle counties. 

Let’s Get Going!

A better life starts with a better space. Tell us about your project in the form at right. The second you hit submit, we’re on the job connecting you to our free energy advising, incentives and […]

2020 Energy Warrior Awards

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We are pleased to announce the 2020 Energy Warriors. CORE established the annual Energy Warrior Awards last year during the organization’s 25th anniversary. The Energy Warrior Awards honor Roaring Fork Valley champions of clean energy and climate restoration in six categories. The 2020 award recipients are: Joani Matranga (Lifetime Achievement), Ben Koons (Homeowner), Beatriz Soto (Professional – Community), Chris Bilby (Professional – Innovation), Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (Business), and Bruce Matherly (People’s Choice)

“CORE was founded by many people who […]

Stitching Together a Carbon-free Community

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When Matt Shmigelsky found the foreclosure sale up the Crystal in 2014, the property was in rough shape. The previous owner — a real-life junkyard owner — had left his calling cards all over the three-acre lot. “RVs, trash, a lot to clean up,” said Matt. But beneath the debris, he could sense potential on this rare piece of accessibly priced raw land where he could park the low-carbon tiny home he had just built with the support […]

Vote, Volunteer, Feel Better

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Is the world feeling strange — and you with it? You’re not alone. A recent poll by the American Psychiatric Association shows that anxiety is on the rise in the US. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to any American with a pulse. But given that this survey took place in late May — three months after COVID landed but before 2020 began unleashing its full script — you can bet it’s […]

What COVID-19 Can Teach Us About Climate Change

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Just last week, when things seemed funnier, a meme made the rounds: Climate change needs to hire coronavirus’s PR firm. 

Certainly, we’ve witnessed what can happen when there is community and political will for rapid change in the face of a public health threat — with scientists calling for urgency — that puts human lives, food supplies, and mental health at stake. “Sound familiar?” asks Fast Company

Could there […]

As We Shift, So Does Our Energy Usage

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If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to be flexible. For many of us, there’s less driving, less working in person (or, sadly, less working at all), and more time at home. As we shift, so does our energy usage. This brave new world means powering up our home heating systems for more hours of the day; keeping our hygiene on point with more hot water for handwashing, dishes, and laundry; and possibly going to a larger, […]

Top 5 Solutions to Fight Climate Change

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Has the climate strike sparked curiosity about how to lower your carbon emissions and fight climate change? You are not alone. In mid-September, Google searches for the term “climate strike” skyrocketed to their highest levels ever, a 100-fold increase from the year prior. 

CORE wants to put your inquisitiveness to work. In October, we joined four local governments—Aspen, Basalt, Snowmass and Pitkin County—in publishing carbon emissions reports and recommendations for the most meaningful […]

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