Matt Hamilton + family
Matt Hamilton and his family take a stroll in Carbondale. PC: Eyedrop Design

For Matt Hamilton, sustainability is a no-brainer. That might sound like something you’d expect from the Sustainability Director at Aspen Skiing Company. Not only does Hamilton work with CORE on various efficiency projects for their four mountain resorts, he puts his environmental values to work at home too.

Hamilton’s house was built in 1999 and he started calling it home in 2005. Right off the bat, he incorporated sustainability into the building. Before it was the thing to do, Hamilton was testing the air-tightness of his home’s building envelope with a blower door test, predating CORE’s flagship home energy assessment established in 2011 that includes this test to guiding air-sealing and insulation work. On top of that, Hamilton quickly plugged his home into solar.

“Just given the nature of my job and how much energy costs, if I’m going to preach that work, I should try it at home,” said Hamilton.

Recently, the sustainability guru desired more control over the programmable thermostats for his home and on-site apartment. That’s where smart thermostats came in: to help ensure that “programming was set and not being changed.” Hamilton and his family installed wi-fi enabled thermostats so that they could be worry-free about the controls in their home.

For his choice of smart thermostats, Hamilton went with the Nest and installed two, one in his house and the other in the apartment. The devices went online in March and the Hamilton family is already seeing results.

“I know that we are saving energy because I can see it drop down every day,” said Hamilton. “In our house, the smart thermostats know when we are there and know when were are not, and adjust [the temperature] accordingly.”

Those are exactly the benefits of a smart thermostats: they sense and learn your habits to keep your home comfortable. Smart, programmable thermostats can be operated remotely, requiring no manual programming. You can even set them up with an app to control the temperature of your home on the go.

The technology is ever improving. In addition to the thermostats, Hamilton described “hockey puck” individual sensors he’s deployed throughout the house. You see, his house is 3,000 square feet, with only one zone or thermostat. These sensors have allowed him to essentially create multiple zones in his house, which is a lot cheaper than re-wiring!

The smart thermostats have given Hamilton and his family peace of mind. They know they’re saving energy and a little money each month. Hamilton even shared that he’s seen a $10/month decrease in his gas bills. “It’s an easy lift, especially with rebates from CORE and utilities.”

In addition to shaving some dollars off his monthly utility bills, Hamilton also received a $163.71 rebate from CORE and $100 from Black Hills Energy. He and his family can rest assured knowing his smart thermostats are doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to saving energy and keeping his home at a consistent, and comfortable temperature.

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