Through / Hasta May 21 @ Colorado Mountain College Aspen

Artists / Artistas: Brian Colley • Jody Guralnick • Sam Harvey • Sandie Johnson • Diego Madero • Esther Macy Nooner • Agustina Mistretta • Nori Pao • Sara Ransford • Deb Shannan • Skye Weinglass • Ellen Woods.

Sponsored by / Patrocinado por: Obermeyer Wood Investment Counsel + CMC Foundation / Artshare

Colorado Mountain College presents a multimedia exhibition of art opening March 11 at CMC Aspen campus. Curators K Cesark and Lara Whitley invited artists to interpret a positive climate future from the perspective of a question: What would the world look like in 2050, assuming we have solved the climate change crisis we are in now?

Or the artists could also respond to a line from poet bell hooks: “The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is—it’s to imagine what is possible.” Eleven artists stepped up to the challenge with works that range from photography and painting to ceramics and mixed media.