When: November 16-17, 9am-5pm

Where: Aspen Colorado Mountain College

Hosted by Pitkin County, we welcome Ted Reiff, Founder of The Reuse People, to lead a two day workshop about the deconstruction process. Register for FREE.

Workshop Overview

The ReUse Institute, the training and consulting division of TRP, offers an outstanding two-day workshop covering the entire deconstruction process, from building material salvage, project review and bidding through the shipment of reclaimed materials from the jobsite to targeted destinations. More than an introduction, this tested workshop is loaded with valuable information.

DAY 1 of the workshop features classroom presentations and discussions on:

  • The benefits of deconstruction vs. demolition
  • Tools and equipment
  • Layout of the jobsite
  • Sequence of work
  • Deconstruction techniques for specific materials
  • Layered-materials handling
  • Debris handling and source separation
  • Materials handling and shipping
  • Maintaining salvage values
  • In-depth review of tax-deductible donations for salvaged materials

DAY 2 of the workshop includes:

Visit(s)to a potential deconstruction project, including:

  • Jobsite inspection
  • Analysis of jobsite layout
  • Identification of salvageable materials
  • How salvaged materials are removed and handled
  • Identification of materials to be recycled
  • Review of local recycling centers
  • Understanding the business of deconstruction contracting

Return to the classroom for final wrap-up and questions

Who Should Attend

This workshop is appropriate for any professionals associated with the construction industry including contractors, architects and designers, local government, policymakers, material reuse organizations and others.