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Old School Aspen, New School Solutions

SLEEP stands for the Small Lodge Energy Efficiency Program. The City of Aspen in partnership with CORE, give small lodges financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades.

You don’t need a time machine to experience the rich history of the town formerly known as Ute City. Tourists and locals alike can get a taste of the good ol’ days by staying in one of Aspen’s historic small lodges. The City has recognized 13 boutique hotels for their historical, economic, and cultural importance. But old buildings aren’t exactly known for their efficiency, and in a city with ambitious climate action goals that matters — a lot. To preserve history and the environment, the City of Aspen partnered with CORE in 2015 to create the Small Lodge Energy Efficiency Program (SLEEP).

SLEEP gives financial support for energy upgrades and tailored energy advising from CORE’s Commercial Programs Manager, Mike Bouchet, for these unique properties. Each lodge can get up $20,000 per year for up to five years. The way Bouchet sees it, “the program maintains quaint pieces of Aspen’s history and helps lodges provide modern comforts with a lower carbon footprint.”

To see the power of SLEEP in action, look no further than the oldest lodge in town, the Snow Queen. The Victorian-style mansion was built in 1886 and has a history as fascinating as it’s architecture. The shed next door once housed the largest silver nugget ever mined long before it became a rallying post for the original ski bums of the 70s. The current owner, David Ledingham, recently took over the family business initially purchased by his mom in 1961. Ledingham said of days gone by: “We rented rooms with bunks for $12 a night, and when we sold out, we’d rent you a spot on the couch for $5.”

“It’s not easy running a small b&b,” according to Ledingham. “Electric bills get up to $1,500 in the winter, plus the guests these days want AC.” Ledingham worked with CORE’s Bouchet to find a solution that could handle both heating and cooling – an electric heat pump that delivers three times the efficiency. This is on top of three years of SLEEP Program collaboration that included upgrading to all-LED lighting, enhanced insulation, and a high-efficiency boiler. After a quick crunch of the numbers, the Snow Queen is on target to recoup their part of the investment within three years.

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  • For the Basalt x CORE rebate, sign up below
  • For the Holy Cross rebate, you must apply on their website
  • Although we are not rebating solar projects in Basalt or Eagle County, you can apply for rebates through Holy Cross Energy
  • Although we rebate batteries, we highly recommend going through Holy Cross Energy’s Power+ Program
*CORE rebates for this program are funded through Eagle County

Written by: Mac Scott

Mac grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, where energy, water and the environment were frequently the topic of dinner table conversations. His understanding of energy and the environment were put to the test at an early age in the unforgiving arena of elementary school debate club. From the first time writing a speech on renewable energy, Mac has recognized the importance of environmental issues and formed a belief that education is the first step toward having a meaningful impact. Volunteering on local political campaigns led to studying Strategic Communications and Political Science, earning B.S. degrees in both from the University of Utah. After graduation, he spent the next eight years working to promote energy literacy among kindergarten through 12th grade students. Mac is thrilled to bring his passion for energy efficiency and community engagement to his role with CORE. Mac enjoys taking part in all of the incredible outdoor opportunities the Roaring Fork Valley has to offer. Backpacking, hiking, skiing, disc golf and playing soccer are just a few of the ways he might to spend a nice day. On the not so nice days, you will find him listening to new music and working on his latest knitting project.

CORE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to leading the Roaring Fork Valley to a carbon-free, net zero energy future. Under the guidance of a Board of Directors–made up of elected officials, utility representatives, and committed citizens–CORE helps people, businesses, municipalities, facilities and nonprofit organizations save natural resources and lower energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint.