As I got through high school I have noticed how Winter and Summer are gravely be affected by global warming. Winters began to have less snow, I would watch as the snow melted within a day after it snowed heavily the previous day. Then it began to affect business in the valley, like tourism in Aspen, it may sound selfish to bring money into this conversation, but it is a factor affected by global warming. My mother worked in housekeeping in hotels and my father is a cook both jobs boom during the winter, both of my parents worked more it earn a larger income. Then as we got less snow, job offers began to close up, my family doing fine at the moment. Others are going through the same issue, jobs being snatched up quickly, workers being laid off, or having less work. Then as a community, we witnessed two fires in 2018 and 2020 both are earth-shaking 2018 fire nearly took my home, 2020 fire nearly took lives from the families and heavy ash that fell from it, both severely affecting the wildlife, the amount of roadkill I had come to see deer, raccoons, rabbits, even bears, A domino effect that what we compare global warming to one affecting other.