Just as dating apps have changed the dynamic of finding love, CORE is changing the relationship you have with your home. Think of us as your energy matchmaker. We give you tips and set you up with the right contractors so that a comfortable, low-carbon home can be yours. 

One of the hottest technologies on the market is the cold-climate, air-source heat pump. It’ s a sleek, easy-to-install heating and cooling system that puts us all on a path toward a low-carbon future. 

Let CORE be your energy matchmaker!

The big question now is: “How do I know if a heat pump is my perfect match?”

Finding your “one” isn’t a precise science. Here is some advice, based on real-life experiences, to help you determine if you should give the heat pump a chance. 

There Are Other Fish in the Sea: Electric Baseboard to Electric Heat Pump

If you have high monthly utility bills, but your home is never quite warm enough, it’s time to re-evaluate your heating system. Most people who hang onto their electric baseboards ascribe to the mantra, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” But electric baseboards just aren’t an efficient way to keep your home cozy. You wouldn’t heat your home with a toaster would you? Well, electric baseboard is really just a sliced bread-warmer in new clothes.

Remember, there are other fish in the sea. Ask yourself: Is your electric baseboard over a decade old? And are you thinking about updating your thermostats to better customize the temperature of your space?

If you answered yes to both questions, it may be the right time to launch yourself into the arms of a heat pump. Heat pumps are much more efficient and therefore less draining on your bank account. The average house sees a 50% cut in electricity use when they make the switch. Plus, heat pumps make it even easier to keep your home at the exact temperature you want.

The Pros Outway the Cons: Gas and Propane Furnaces to Electric Heat Pump

Are the little things getting to you? Like that rumbling when your furnace heating cycle gets going? Or the dry, hot air making your chapped lips and dry hands even drier? Or that you have the perfect spot for your couch, except that it’s over a vent? In all relationships, irritants can build up over time, to the point where you’re unable to tolerate them. The good news is, you don’t have to.

Some heat pumps are so quiet that you’ll question if it’s ever actually on. You’ll appreciate the steady warmth and forget there’s a machine providing it to you. You don’t have to worry about dirty air blowing in because you’ve forgotten to change the filter again.

Aside from being noisy and resulting in temperature peaks and valleys, furnaces are not the most efficient use of energy. An analysis of efficiency (the amount of useful heat produced per unit of input energy, like natural gas or electricity) can put this into perspective. Heat pumps can be up to 3.5x more efficient than natural gas and propane furnaces. Colorado has some of lowest natural gas prices in the nation. With gas prices that low, switching from gas to electric may not lead to huge dollar savings, despite heat pump efficiencies. But propane is a different story — prices are higher, which mean your pocketbook may thank you.

There’s no simple answer. It may make sense for you to take the plunge with a heat pump. Then again, it may not. Evaluate your priorities (low energy bills, small carbon footprint, comfort, etc.) and talk to CORE about how to achieve them.

This “figuring yourself out” part is key. Before you give up on your current heating system and start a relationship with a new one, get to know yourself and your home. Looking inward is an often ignored step, but it’s an important part of creating positive change. It’s almost always true that adding more insulation and buttoning up air leaks is the first step you should take. Our home energy assessment can help pinpoint these needs and more.

There’s never been a better time to switch to electric heating. CORE offers one of the largest heat pump rebates in the country and you deserve to experience the exhilaration, warmth and joy of finding true love…with your heating system.