The month of January often marks a clean slate. It’s a fresh calendar to start with and a commitment for many, to making positive change. That could mean resolutions to sign up for a gym membership, start the keto diet or spend less money.

But what if your resolution could make a larger impact? What if it could do more to tip the scale?

Here at CORE, in our professional and personal lives, we act on climate. We know the climate is changing. The end of 2018 saw the publication of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on Global Warming of 1.5 Degrees Celsius and the United States Fourth National Climate Assessment, both highlighting the need for immediate action. So this year we were inspired to gather our own climate resolutions and hold ourselves accountable. We vowed to do more than the usual resolutions that tend to fade away in February. We wanted to have an impact — big and small — in our community. Find out what we resolved to do in 2019 for our climate:


My resolution is to keep on riding my bike to work. It saves emissions, I get exercise, and of course I love the view!

Administrative Coordinator

I have a few climate resolutions for this upcoming year. With CORE, I have a resolution to get our Aspen office set up with a winter-friendly bike for commuting. On a personal level, I’m getting more involved with advocacy groups, such as Citizens’ Climate Lobby and The Climate Reality Project, and my artist side will be completing a changing-landscapes ink series this year.

Community Sustainability Manager

I will ask my representatives to put a price on carbon EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. I believe the carbon fee-and-dividend approach favored by Citizens’ Climate Lobby is the solution we need. I haven’t always been very diligent in letting my elected officials know what I think, but that’s going to change in 2019!

Marketing + Engagement Manager

For 2019, I want to inspire others, regardless of political leaning, to act on climate. My plan of attack is to become more politically involved in the Roaring Fork Valley and to speak my mind when others might disagree (healthy dialogue!). For an individual habit change, I want to purchase more of my groceries locally … despite how easy it is to grab chicken off the City Market shelf.

Residential Energy Programs Manager

My climate resolution is to spend more time with my community, helping people address and develop effective responses in their homes to tackle climate change.

Executive Director

In 2019 I will continue my practice of reducing my carbon footprint in every way that I can. Plane travel is a large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions without many solutions in sight for the near-term. My resolution will be to use and promote carbon offsets for flying. Programs offered by Trees, Water, People can help offset plane travel and make a difference.

Program Director

This year, I resolve to focus my work on helping people achieve their carbon reduction goals. I will do this by encouraging and supporting smart upgrades to your home or office, emphasizing energy efficiency, beneficial electrification and finally, locally-produced renewable energy.

Brand + Creative Strategy Director

Our family was fortunate to win an affordable housing lottery in Aspen and we want to do as much as possible to lower the carbon footprint of our home. I resolve to keep nudging APCHA to expand energy efficiency and renewable energy allowances in their capital improvements rules for affordable housing, so that homeowners don’t have to choose between protecting the climate and protecting their investment.

Do you feel inspired to act on climate? Share your resolution with us on social media with the hashtag: #2019climateresolution. If social media isn’t for you, participate in CORE’s programs designed to support climate action by saving energy, you can call an Energy Advisor today (970.925.9775).