Billy Crelli Biking Around with the Peace of Mind from CORE's Income-Qualified Energy Efficiency Program.
Photo credit: Michele Cardamone

In 1973, William Crelli left his steel and coal mining Pennsylvania hometown to try out the Rocky Mountain terrain. Forty-five years later and he can’t imagine living anywhere else.

“I was just going to stay for a ski season or two, but ended up staying,” commented Crelli, “I love the people and the community.”

The 71-year-old Aspen local, who goes by Billy, has a laundry list of occupations that kept him going over the years. He’s worked in the restaurant industry, on ski patrol and mountain rescue, competitively ski-raced for a bit, and owned a lawn and garden business. His employment juggle always enabled him to live the Roaring Fork Valley lifestyle. As a result, you can find Crelli, on almost any day, outside.

So when his 20-year-old Aspen Village home needed to be upgraded, he looked to CORE to help him with his efficiency projects. CORE took the lead on Crelli’s household energy upgrades, giving him the peace of mind to spend his time doing what he does best, enjoying nature from a bike or pair of skis.

“As a single person [in Pitkin/Eagle County], if you’re making under $60,000 and you’re retired or don’t have an income, you might qualify and could receive a little help,” remarked the Aspen local. And CORE’s Income Qualified Energy Efficiency Program was just the assist he needed. The program isn’t just for single homeowners. The income qualifications, determined by family size, indicate whether you and your family are eligible.

Crelli was accepted into the program and shortly after received a free Energy Assessment. Based on the assessment priorities, the Income Qualified Program provided Crelli with an Energy Star refrigerator, air sealing improvements, and education on how to operate his new programmable thermostat.

“The contractors came in and they did all the work, and that was really nice,” said Crelli. “I don’t have the equipment or knowledge to do all of the [energy efficiency] work.”

The upgrades came at no cost to Crelli. Annually, he is on track to save $186 due to his new refrigerator and over a $30 on his gas bill because of air sealing improvements.

With projects completed and energy savings on the horizon, you can find Crelli, depending on the season, biking or skiing through the Roaring Fork Valley. And now, he’ll have a little less on his mind when he’s out there.

CORE’s income-qualified energy efficiency program, also known as Colorado’s Affordable Residential Energy Program (CARE), is a partnership between Energy Outreach Colorado and local non-profits. CORE administers the Income-Qualified Energy Efficiency Program for Pitkin and Eagle County residents of the Roaring Fork Valley. This program is made possible through funding from Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC), Holy Cross Energy, Black Hills Energy, and CORE. To see if you qualify visit our website or call us at (970) 925-9775.