We offer cash-back residential rebates for energy-efficiency upgrades and renewable energy projects that align with the Path to Zero. Additionally, we administer rebates for the City of Aspen and can help connect you to rebates through your utility.

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Utility Residential Rebates

You are encouraged to take advantage of our rebates as well as the rebates from your utility provider, which in some cases can double your rebate. A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Total potential residential rebates = 50% of project costs. CORE rebates a maximum of 50% of eligible project costs, even when combined with utility rebates. That means your rebates will not exceed half of your project cost and, in many cases, may be less.
  • One-stop shopping for the City of Aspen: CORE administers the City of Aspen rebates. If you are an Aspen resident and you qualify for their rebates, when you submit our rebate application, we will automatically process their rebate for you.
  • Which rebates are you eligible for? Visit your utility’s website:

Aspen Electric | Holy Cross Energy | Black Hills Energy |  Glenwood Springs Electric | Xcel Energy

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Marty Treadway

Program Director + Grants Manager

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