The Roaring Fork Valley is leading the solar revolution! Clean energy is booming and the cost continues to fall, dropping an annual average of 68% since 2006.¹ With help from local rebates and the federal tax credit program, there’s never been a better time to get into renewables. Since 2014, CORE has provided:

  • $582,187 in rebates supporting

  • 205 residential solar arrays for

  • 2MW of clean, locally generated power per year

Our Energy Advisers are HERE to help you get the resources you need for the system that’s right for you.


There are three main ways to derive clean energy from the sun, all of which will cut your greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your dependence on fossil fuels:

Solar photovoltaic (PV): on-site panels made up of semiconductor materials that convert sunlight, aka solar radiation, into direct current electricity.

Solar thermal: hot water system that absorbs radiation from the sun to generate hot air or water on-site, used to meet your domestic hot water and electricity needs.

Community Solar: the purchase of a share of off-site PV array to receive utility bill credits.  Check out Holy Cross Energy’s options to plug into community solar. 

This PV system provides an estimated 4,752 kWh annually to power the home’s refrigerator, lights and electronics. The rebates from CORE’s Energy Smart program and Holy Cross Energy covered half of the cost of the system!
The homeowner of these three solar thermal collectors received rebates from CORE’s Energy Smart program. The thermal panels heat water for the sink, shower and other needs.


Rebates: Solar PV

CORE’s Energy Smart rebate*: $0.75 per watt up to 3kW or $2,250 for on-site, customer-owned systems and $0.50 per watt up to 1.5kW or $1,500 for on-site, customer leased systems. Apply online.

Electric Utilities: 

  • City of Aspen: $0.75 per watt up to 3 kilowatts, or $2,250.  CORE’s Energy Smart program administers the City of Aspen rebates. Apply online.
  • Holy Cross Energy: $.20 – $.75 per watt up to 25 kilowatts. PV size limit is 120% of annual kWh usage (although most systems are smaller).
  • Glenwood Springs Electric: Solar PV rebates from Glenwood Springs Electric have been suspended for 2017.
  • Xcel Energy: Xcel purchases “RECs,” or renewable energy credits, under their SolarRewards program. Incentives are paid to the owner based on the system production.

Rebates: Solar Thermal

CORE’s Energy Smart rebate*: $1,500 per panel for up to two panels, or $3,000.

Federal tax credit

You could receive a tax credit for up to 30% of the project cost. Consult your accountant or financial adviser with questions pertaining to the tax credit. Learn more at


Financing may be available from Energy Smart Colorado and Garfield Clean Energy. Please check in with these organizations for eligibility.

 *CORE rebates are available to residents of the Roaring Fork Valley. Funds are limited. If you are under contract for a system, we encourage you to fill out the application online as soon as possible to make sure rebates are available. We also recommend reaching out to your utility early in the process to ensure compatibility.