Getting to Zero

CORE’s Net Zero Homes Grant aims to support homes in the Roaring Fork Valley that use little or no external energy. Net Zero Homes produce as much energy as they consume over the course of a given year, thereby achieving net zero energy consumption.

This grant utilizes the HERS Index to measure the performance of your new home, and pays MORE the better your house performs – or the less energy your home uses. The goal of this grant is to decrease energy consumption, reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, promote the use of renewable energy, educate the community, and develop more sustainable and replicable energy technologies. Our hope is that any new home that gets built here in the valley produces as much energy as it consumes.

General Guidelines:

  • Deadline: None, rolling application period
  • Funding: $2,000 – $8,000
  • Can be combined with CORE’s renewable rebates
  • HERS Index number below is defined as the final index score, after construction completion, as tested by a certified RESNET HERS Rater
  • Funds will only be released once final HERS index and final Certificate of Occupancy (not temporary) have been submitted to CORE staff
  • One-time only grant per household, per physical address
HERS Index CORE Incentive:








Selection Criteria:

  • This Net Zero Homes Grant is based solely on a final HERS Index rating on your completed home.
  • The HERS rating process begins at the design phase!
  • Based on estimated demand, this grant will likely have a wait list.
  • Do not begin construction of your home without contacting CORE for initial project advice.
  • There are several inspections required in addition to your building inspections to achieve a final HERS Index rating.

Local HERS Raters:

Confluence Architecture:
Mark McLain
(970) 963-9720

Sopris Home Energy:
Heidi McCullough
(970) 379-1433

Revolution Energy Solutions:
Tyler Sweeney
(970) 310-1522

Frostbusters & Coolth:
Fritz Diether
(970) 274-1141

Full Circle Construction: 
Amanda Poindexter
(720) 219-3683

How to Apply:

Online Application Form: Click here to complete the online application form. Your application will not be considered until you submit all of the required documentation and answered all of the application questions. If you have any problem uploading documents, please email documents to Marty Treadway.

Required Documents: Project budget, organization budget, required submittal questions, supporting documents (architectural or engineering drawings, photographs, and/or presentations that will clarify the project), HERS rating, and signed W-9 form.


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