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CORE’s Net Zero Homes Grant aims to support the construction of new homes that are built in the Roaring Fork Valley to use little or no external energy. Often referred to as “Net Zero Homes”, these homes produce as much energy as they consume over the course of a given year, thereby achieving net zero energy consumption.

This grant utilizes the HERS Index to measure the performance of your new home, and pays more the better your house performs – or the less energy your home uses – see below. Like other CORE grants, the goal of this grant is to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, promote the use of renewable energy, educate the community, and develop more sustainable and replicable energy technologies. Our hope is that any new home that gets built here in the valley produces as much energy as it consumes.

Please note: Any applications submitted after July 1, 2016 will be placed on a wait list, however, you are still encouraged to apply.

General Guidelines:

– Availability: January 1, 2016
– Deadline: None, rolling application period
– Funding: $2,000 – $8,000
– Can be combined with CORE’s renewable rebates
– HERS Index number below is defined as the final index score, after construction completion, as tested by a certified RESNET HERS Rater
– Funds will only be released once final HERS index and final Certificate of Occupancy (not temporary) have been submitted to CORE staff
– One-time only grant per household, per physical address
– Incentive levels outlined below:

CORE Incentive Levels:

HERS Index: CORE Incentive:
40-50 $2,000
25-39 $3,000
11-24 $4,000
0-10 $8,000

If you are planning on building a new home in 2016, and are interested in building toward this goal, please email Marty Treadway with questions or call (970) 925-9775 x504.

Required Documents:

I. Completed Application Form
Click here to complete online application form.
II. Project Budget
Enter your proposed budget into the application form, or email to address below.
III. Supporting Documents
Send us any additional documents that might help demonstrate the effectiveness of your proposed project, i.e. plans, photos, presentations, etc.
IV. Signed W-9
Please attach a completed and signed W-9 form.

* Please note your application is not complete until you submit all of the documentation listed above.

To submit required documents, either:
– Gather all required documents and upload with online application, or
– Email all required grant documents to Marty Treadway.

Selection Criteria:

– This grant is based solely on a final HERS Index rating on your completed home.
– The HERS rating process begins at the design phase!
– Based on estimated demand, this grant will likely have a wait list.
– Do not begin construction of your home without contacting one of the contractors below for initial project advice.
– There are several inspections required in addition to your building inspections to achieve a final HERS Index rating.
Please contact one of our local HERS Raters below to connect them with your project, or contact Marty Treadway with questions (970) 925-9775 x504.

Frostbusters & Coolth:
Fritz Diether
(970) 963-7325

Confluence Architecture:
Mark McLain
(970) 963-9720

HERS Background Information:

Visit the RESNET website for additional information on the HERS index.

HERS Index Score of 50
This home is 50% more energy efficient than a standard new home built to the standard of the 2006 International Energy and Conservation Code, and 80% more efficient that the average resale home, which already puts it in a better bracket than a standard new home. However, there are still many improvements that can be made. A RESNET certified Rater is the ideal person to talk to about what more can be done.
HERS Index Score of 40
The builder has done a lot of the right things to make this home more energy efficient, like using energy efficient lighting systems and installing efficient heating and cooling equipment. A RESNET certified Rater can make recommendations on further improvements that could result in even greater savings.
HERS Index Score of 30
This home is 70% more energy efficient than a standard new home and 100% more efficient than the typical resale home! It has been designed and built with energy efficiency in mind, resulting in a home that is environmentally friendly, enjoys a high comfort level and benefits from low energy costs.
HERS Index Score of 20
This house is well on its way to becoming a Zero Energy Home, which is environmentally friendly and produces as much energy as it consumes. Homeowners can apply for Energy Efficient Mortgages to help them finance the energy improvements they need to transform their homes into high energy performance ones.
HERS Index Score of 10
Tremendous effort has gone into making this home very energy efficient. These homeowners will enjoy watching their utility bills decrease while the comfort level of their home increases. The next step would be to eliminate energy costs altogether by having the house produce its own energy. A RESNET certified Rater can show you how you to convert your home into a Zero Energy Home that actually produces as much energy as it consumes.
HERS Index Score of 0 (Net Zero)
This home is a Net Zero Energy Home. This means that this home produces as much energy through renewable resources, such as solar panels, as it consumes. Only a Net Zero Energy Home can score 0 on the RESNET HERS Index. Among the advantages of a Zero Energy Home are:
Improved health and comfort: a Net Zero Energy Home reduces temperature fluctuations.
Cost effective: a Net Zero Energy Home that produces energy not only shields its owner from fluctuations in energy prices but can eliminate energy bills altogether.
Environmental sustainability: a Net Zero Energy Home protects the environment by reducing greenhouse gases, cutting carbon emissions and saving energy.

Required Submittal Questions:

Please prepare responses to the questions below:

I. Project Description and Goals
How does your project improve energy efficiency, generate renewable energy, or promote energy and environmental educational awareness in the Roaring Fork Valley? How does it benefit the local community, economy, and /or environment? What are the tangible results, etc.? Just enter “See attached” if you are including documentation for this question.
II. Project Urgency
Discuss the urgency of your project. What opportunities will be lost if the project does not proceed according to your projected timeline? Describe the extent to which a CORE Grant will contribute to the completion and success of your project. Just enter “See attached” if you are including documentation for this question.
III. Estimated Savings
Provide detailed calculations demonstrating the basis for your estimated energy and greenhouse gas emissions savings. Just enter “See attached” if you are including documentation for this question.
IV. Project Budget
Please enter your project budget that outlines total cost of the project and total contributions by others. Be sure to indicate whether additional financial support is secured or requested. You may upload a spreadsheet at the end of this application if easier. Just enter “See attached” if you are including documentation for this question.
V. HERS Rating
Please enter either your estimated rating, or final rating (required for payment), as provided by your Rater.

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Other Funding Opportunities:

Colorado Energy Office: CORE’s Net Zero Grant was designed to align with the Colorado Energy Office Mortgage Incentive for Homes. Click here to learn more and apply for matching funds.

Holy Cross Energy: Holy Cross Energy’s New Home Construction rebate will provide $2,000 for new homes with a HERS rating of 50 or less. The rebate is for new construction of single family homes or duplexes that are 5,000 square feet or less. Must follow Energy Star certified home national program requirements and submit inspection checklist along with HERS rating. Click here to apply. 

For more information email Marty Treadway, CORE’s Grant Director, or call (970) 925-9775 x504.