Committing to the Community

CORE’s Community Grants aim to support a broad spectrum of environmental and energy projects. Qualifying projects have tangible results for the Roaring Fork Valley. In short, the goal of the Community Grant program is to decrease energy consumption. These grants reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and offset greenhouse gases. Additionally, Community Grants promote renewable energy, community education, and support new sustainable energy technologies.

General Guidelines:

  • Availability: Now
  • Deadline: None, rolling application period
  • Funding: Up to $10,000
  • Requires Executive Director approval
  • Grants cannot be approved for projects already underway
  • May not be combined with CORE rebates or The Randy Udall Energy Pioneer Grant for approved grant project scope, in the same year
  • May not exceed 50% of total project cost when combined with outside rebates
  • Projects need to be fully completed before grant payment
  • Certain grants may require energy monitoring system installation

Community Grant Selection Criteria:

  • Energy Savings
  • Carbon reduction
  • Community Benefit
  • Educational Component
  • Market Influence
  • Innovation – pushing clean energy concepts beyond the norm
  • Approval of the community grant is solely at the discretion of the Director

How to Apply for a Community Grant:

Online Application Form: Complete the online application form. Your application will not be considered until you submit all of the required documentation and answered all of the application questions. Please email documents to Marty Treadway if you have any problem uploading documents.

Required Documents: Project budget, organization budget, required submittal questions, supporting documents (architectural or engineering drawings, photographs, and/or presentations that will clarify the project), and signed W-9 form.