Are you interested in using solar energy 24/7? It’s easier than you think. Battery storage helps our electric grid be more resilient and reliable by making renewable energy available in almost any conditions.

The cost of battery technology has dropped by 85% over the past 10 years. Now we can take renewable energy to the next level without breaking the bank! 

The Lowdown on Batteries

Want to get the most of on-site renewable energy? Consider a home battery storage. These systems store electricity and use smart software to optimize how it is used. As a result, renewable energy systems are more effective. Battery storage is one of the most important tools for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and restoring the climate.

Peak hours: The price of electricity is often higher during active times. Think before and after work. These times are known as “peak hours.” Electricity produced during the day can be used or sold back during peak hours. Some utilities will pay you for electricity when they need it most. In other words, battery storage is a great way to offset the cost of energy upgrades.

Resilience and Reliability: Battery storage systems make use safer and more resilient during a power outage or emergency. Homes and businesses can run vital equipment on stored energy. The utility can use any extra energy for those in need. It’s a win-win. Look at it this way, you get paid for helping save the day!


CORE Residential Rebates

CORE Commercial Rebates

CORE Grants

CORE rebates: 25% of project cost up to $2,500

Utility rebates may be available from:

Aspen Electric | Holy Cross Energy | Glenwood Springs Electric | Xcel Energy