I feel hopeful about the future because more people are becoming aware of climate issues and the immediate threat to humans. There are many young activists making huge changes in the world and coming together to tackle this problem. The moment climate change became real for me was when I discovered the alarming rate at which sea levels are rising due to rapid melting of glaciers. Living in the roaring fork valley my entire life, I have observed the drastic environmental changes occurring with global warming. For instance, the decrease in snow accumulation during the winter supplemented with the lack of rain is causing severe wildfires during the summer season. I personally am making my impact by taking simple everyday steps such as avoiding single-use plastics or utilizing reusable grocery bags. I am also excited to get involved in a start up development company called VidaLuz. Our mission is to conscientiously construct ‚ “Eco-agro micro cities‚” revolving around agriculture, fork in farm hospitality, sustainable building, green technology, and renewable energy.