I am a sea level girl. I grew up in a town that went underwater with any storm within 60 miles, as the runoff from elsewhere would come through the middle of town. It was sinking at a rate of a foot a year in the 1970s from the oil, gas and water being pumped out from under ground. Ultimately they sacrificed a large portion of land to a spillway. In New Orleans, my godmother’s yard had a fire hydrant, after a decade of the lawn receding, it stuck up in the air on 4’ of exposed pipe. Having lived and visited many places that flood, it seems to be expected as if it is normal. Whether the water was borne upon a storm or lured up by the lunar events, we have had to wade to our homes and businesses regularly. Seems the only logical thing would be to move aboard a boat. Now living in Florida, I have regular battles with water blocking my way out, submerging my yard and septic tank. And places in Miami, the Keys and elsewhere will be permanently inundated in 10 years or less. Where will the people go? What will happen to the the water as it captures environmentally unfriendly areas, poisoning the fish and ruining our beautiful waters.