CORE launches 2019 rebate for evaporative cooling

This we know: our summers will be hotter and drier. Climate projections indicate that statewide annual temperatures are expected to warm between 2.5°F and 5°F by 2050. What exactly does that look like? Well, if Denver is on track to reach temperatures like Pueblo or Albuquerque, then it’s not a stretch to imagine a new normal for Aspen in line with the temperatures of Carbondale or Grand Junction. This is why rebates for evaporative cooling are as important as ever.

With last summer (the warmest on record) demonstrating the trend, it’s no wonder why we could see an increase in demand for air conditioners, a high-load appliance that ironically increases the carbon emissions that hastens climate change, leading to higher temps.

So what’s an overheated, environmentally conscious resident to do? Typically we’d suggest a carbon-free solution like opening your windows at night to take advantage of our cool mountain breezes. But recognizing that sometimes artificial cooling is needed, we suggest choosing the highest efficiency model, which will save you the most on installation and utility bills: the evaporative cooler.

The Solution

This technology, also known as a “swamp cooler,” leverages the basic principles of your elementary science class subject — evaporation — and turns it into an efficient way to cool a home. The unit pulls in dry, hot air from outside and moves that outdoor air over water-soaked pads. As the air moves through the pads, the water evaporates, cooling the air, and a fan circulates the frosty, moist air into your home.

When compared to other energy-powered devices for chilling your home, evaporative coolers are #1. They cost less to install and use roughly one-quarter of the energy that traditional air conditioners employ.

Another bonus: CORE is rolling out a new rebate for evaporative coolers. Qualifying units can receive a cash-back rebate covering 25% of project costs up to $500. CORE will also help you identify if your utilities will contribute to the cost with a cash-back rebate.

“We’ve seen increased demand in the Roaring Fork Valley, particularly from the lower valley, for cooling,” says Hannah Itzler, Residential Program Manager. “CORE wants to get ahead of that demand and incentivize residents to cool their homes with energy-efficient choices.”

Once you’ve decided to move forward with evaporative cooling, make sure the following criteria are checked off in order to qualify for rebates:

We understand our climate is changing and that’s exactly why CORE is here. Our mission is to help you save energy and cut carbon emissions. Learn more about our evaporative cooler rebate and talk to an energy advisor today: 970.925.9775 or

This article originally appeared on the CORE blog in the summer of 2017, written by Kate Henion. It has been updated with contributions by Sarah Gruen and Lara Whitley.