CORE partnered with 5Point Adventure Film Festival to curate film selections designed to be viewed at any time. Lead Programmer Charlie Turnbull of 5Point Film created a movie night at home with “5 Climate Films for the Future.” CORE suggested the curator depart from the doom-and-gloom narrative that is common in climate art and focus instead on cultural strategist Favianna Rodriguez’s call to action: “Use [y]our radical imagination and visualize and manifest another world.”

1. Matagi Mālohi: Strong Winds

Directed by: Aidan Haley, Canyon Woodward, Forest Woodward

Speech + writer: Kevin Aipopo

Masterful oration and cinematography combine to give us a look at the effects that our friends in the Pacific are feeling right now. But there is hope in a new generation of young climate warriors who refuse to drown.

2. How to Save Our Planet

A WWF International production

Sir David Attenborough is has done more than anyone else to show us the wonders of our world. Now he’s showing us how we can preserve them. How to Save Our Planet gives us a macro look at what we need to do to re-wild our planet. And, according to Sir Attenborough, it’s remarkably simple. 

3. Lowland kids

CDirected by: Sandra Winther

Producers: William Crouse, Lauren Avinoam

This is not your typical climate change film, but it’s an important one. Isle de Jean Charles on the Louisiana coast is home to America’s first climate refugees, but not for much longer. Lowland Kids gives us an intimate look at how climate change can and will affect us in the most personal ways. 

4. Treeline

Directed by Jordan Manley

Producers: Laura Yale, Monika McClure

Executive Producers: Alex Lowther, Jimmy Hopper, Josh Nielsen

An homage to the best carbon re-capturing technology we have: trees. Follow a group of skiers, snowboarders, scientists and healers to the birch forests of Japan, the red cedars of British Columbia and the bristlecones of Nevada, as they explore an ancient story written in rings.

5. Three Seconds

Directed by: Spencer Sharp, Prince Ea

If the timeline of our planet is reduced to 24 hours, humans have existed for just three seconds. Prince Ea delivers a stirring spoken word piece about our past and how we must alter the course of our future. Totally inspiring. 

About the Curator

Charlie Turnbull, Head of Programming at 5Point Film Festival

Charlie Turnbull is a documentary filmmaker with an interest in the American West. Originally from Australia, he worked around the globe as an expedition leader before graduating university with a journalism degree and setting off to America. His debut feature documentary, The Bikes of Wrath, premiered at 5Point in 2018 and went on to broadcast and theatrical success. He currently splits his time between California and Texas but would rather be in Carbondale.