The Path to Zero: How to Unlock Incentives

We are all on the Path to Zero – zero fossil fuels, zero energy waste, zero carbon emissions. The Path to Zero is the most effective order to tackle energy upgrades in your home or space by taking the guesswork out of which project you should do next, plus rebates and incentives to make it happen. It doesn’t make sense to put on your ski jacket without putting your base layer on first, and the same goes for efficiency projects, so don’t put a new roof and solar panels on a home or building without making sure the space has been properly air-sealed and insulated. Whether you are just getting started with DIY savings or are going all the way by creating a net zero space, CORE will help you get there! 

Take the first step and get an energy assessment. For residential properties, energy assessments are $100 (we have an income-qualified program as well) and for commercial properties they are free. Assessments give you an in-depth look at your living space, like a check-up for your house. Our analyst will give you a full report on the mechanics of your building, how your space uses energy, and the most cost-effective energy upgrades for you. 

After your assessment, schedule a FREE session with one of CORE’s energy advisors to make a game plan. They will go over your report with you and help you come up with the best next step for your specific space. From upgrading to LED lighting to adding renewable energy or a heat pump, CORE’s energy advisors will outline your path to a healthy, comfortable and carbon-free space.

The best part of an energy assessment is that it unlocks incentives as you follow the Path to Zero! The steps are simple and build off of each other to maximize your investment in energy upgrades. Check out the pages below for a more in-depth look at the path.

  1. Access and Easy Action
  2. Tighten Building Envelope
  3. Electrify Mechanicals
  4. Power Renewably
  5. Drive Change

CORE provides 25% of the total project cost up to $500 in rebates to help you make your projects happen. You can also stack rebates from Aspen Electric (through CORE), Holy Cross Energy, Glenwood Springs Electric, and Xcel Energy to cover up to 50% of your project costs.  Learn about all of the ways you can fund your project here

Then find a CORE-approved contractor to make it all come to life. 


Get started on the Path to Zero and enroll here for any of CORE’s services today. Cut your utility bills, lower carbon emissions, create a more healthy and comfortable living space, and prepare for the future. Thank you for being a part of the carbon-free community!