Home Safety

Safety is integral to building performance. Whether it is a Home Energy Assessment, which tests for carbon monoxide, or home improvements, such as air-sealing and insulation, your home’s air quality and safety are critical considerations in completing efficiency upgrades.

Carbon Monoxide: An Energy Smart Home Energy Assessment will not only improve the efficiency and comfort of your home, it also includes safety testing. Gas heated appliances can off-gas carbon monoxide, a fatal threat to health and human safety. Energy Smart analysts perform testing for carbon monoxide to ensure that your home is safe for you and your family.

Mercury: Compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) and some thermostats may contain mercury. To check whether your old thermostat contains mercury, remove the cover and look inside. The thermostat has mercury if there is a glass ampoule (or ampoules) containing a silvery liquid. CFLs and thermostats with mercury must be recycled to avoid releasing mercury into the environment.

Drop-off locations: You can properly dispose of your CFLs or thermostats by dropping them of at any of the following locations: the ACE hardware in Aspen, the Pitkin County Landfill, and the City of Aspen Environmental Health department. Alpine Bank collects and recycles CFLs. 

Radon:  A tighter home is a more efficient home. However, since air sealing could increase radon levels in the house, we recommend testing for radon before proceeding with home insulation projects.

Why test for radon? Radon is the number one leading cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers, and Colorado has some of the highest rates. Your family could be breathing in this radioactive gas, without you even knowing it. Don’t take your chances. The EPA and Surgeon General have strongly recommended that all homes get tested. Energy Smart Colorado is here to help

Pick up your free test kit today at any of the following locations:

Pitkin County:

For more information on radon, contact the City of Aspen Environmental Health Department at (970) 920-5039 and jannette.whitcomb@cityofaspen.com

  • The Energy Resource Center: 111 AABC, Suite M , Aspen, CO 81611
  • City of Aspen Environmental Health Department: 130 S. Galena Street, Aspen CO 81611
  • Pitkin County Public Works: 76 Service Center Road, Aspen, CO 81611

Garfield County:

  • The Energy Resource Center: Suite 7 in the Third St. Center, 520 S. Third St. Carbondale, CO 81623

Have high radon levels in your home? Check this website for a list of Certified Radon Mitigation Providers in Colorado.