Did you know that buildings are the largest source of a community’s carbon emissions — counting for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions in Pitkin County alone? That means the energy-saving steps we take in our homes and businesses are the most effective tool for meeting our climate goals. Plus, you’ll get coziness, peace of mind, and financial savings, all while taking care of the planet.

It’s common knowledge that you should head to the doctor for a check-up. What about your home? The Home Energy Assessment gives you an in-depth look at the health of your home. The assessment examines:

  • the mechanics of your home
  • how your home uses energy
  • the most cost-effective energy upgrades for your home

Aside from energy efficiency, assessments can also make sure your family is safe.


It’s important to look at your home as a system, taking into account how everything is connected. The assessment looks at the whole picture: heating systems, windows, and insulation levels. It provides you with a comprehensive report outlining opportunities for energy improvements that are specific to your home. Plus, homeowners get free “quick fix” installations and combustion analysis testing.


Through Energy Smart Colorado, CORE is able to offer Roaring Fork Valley residents assessments for just $100 (a $400 value!). Homes above 3,000 square feet or mechanically complex homes will incur additional costs. This amount is typically 5 cents per square foot over 3,000 square feet and 10 cents per square foot over 6,000. Customers pay their analyst directly. They accept either cash or check.


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