For his work to design, build and share the gospel of net zero, we’re honored to present this community leader with a 2020 Energy Warrior Award in the Homeowner category. He is an architect who, with sweat equity and friend labor, recently completed a DIY build of his own net-zero home in Old Snowmass. Notably, he is not a contractor. When his desire to own a sustainable home in the Roaring Fork Valley butted up against the budget realities of making it happen, he found a way to do it himself, something he called a “massive learning experience.” He educated himself about the mechanical systems and building processes, synthesized that with his design background, and put it all into play. The result is an elegant residence on a “funky” property, with southern exposure, a tight build, and all-electric mechanicals powered by 10 kilowatts of solar. Through it, this Energy Warrior demonstrates that even on a budget, you can do right by the site and the environment. In addition to having an engineer-meets-artist attitude (his double major at Dartmouth), he is also a generous adventurer, game to share his knowledge. He has opened his home to CORE again and again, allowing in photographers and videographers to document his process, so that we could showcase his home as an inspiration and model for others in the valley. (See the project in action here and here.)
CORE is delighted to introduce Ben Koons, 2020 Energy Warrior Award winner in the Homeowner category.