For forward-thinking energy systems + low-carbon facilities that are part of their strategic planning, we’re honored to present this nonprofit with the 2020 Energy Warrior Award in the Business category. This is a modern Energy Warrior with a 50-year history, going back to the organization’s early executive directors who strove for net zero energy before it was even a thing. In their wish to eliminate the carbon footprint of all facilities, Tom and Jody Cardamone began a trajectory that continues today under the direction of Chris Lane. Together with their staff, they have explored new ways to harness energy at their learning centers and employee housing, including geo-exchange at Hallam Lake, micro-hydro at the Catto Center at Toklat, solar at Rock Bottom Ranch, and passive-solar design at the RBR seed house. The organization recently constructed a farmhouse-style employee housing project in Carbondale that incorporates several climate-action methodologies: an in-fill location near public transportation; a modular design that can flex for varying numbers of residents; a ground source heat pump; and solar panels. To widen the impact of this project, they collaborated on free job-site workshops to demonstrate green-building principles, making their near-net-zero project truly replicable. As a matter of course, they publicly report their carbon footprint and take steps to encourage others to do the same. This organization is a lodestar in the Roaring Fork Valley that has been educating future environmentalists for more than half a century and, most importantly, leading by example.

CORE is delighted to present Aspen Center for Environmental Studies with the 2020 Energy Warrior Award winner in the Business category.