Please join us in congratulating Bruce Matherly, 2020 Energy Warrior in the People’s Choice category. Bruce was nominated for this honor by two different people, Jeffrey Woodruff and Natacha Kiler (who submitted this tribute), and received the top votes from our community.

“Bruce Matherly is an Energy Warrior who walks the walk and supports clean energy and the environment in his personal and professional life. It is not his job and it brings him no glory.  His background as a biologist makes him realize that somebody has to do something, and supporting clean energy is the right thing to do for his community and for the world. For four long years, Bruce has been helping facilitate a five-megawatt solar project (18,300 solar panels) in Pitkin County, navigating government bureaucracy and NIMBYism, rallying his board, and jumping through hoops. In his personal life, he has put solar panels on two separate homes. He drives an electric car.  And beyond all that, he is a kind and wonderful person.  He doesn’t want or need this recognition, but he sure deserves it!”