Is Solar Right for Me? FAQs

1. How to choose between solar photovoltaic and solar thermal?
Every house is unique. The best thing to do is call a solar contractor and have them conduct a site visit for your home. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with options here.

2. Is my house appropriate?
There are a number of considerations in identifying if a house is suitable for solar, including the slope of the roof and shading. The local climate is not really a concern, because PV systems are relatively unaffected by severe weather and some PV modules actually perform better in colder weather. Most solar panels are positioned at an angle to catch the sun’s rays, so any snow that collects on them can slide off.

3. What size system do I need?
The size of system you need can depend on several factors such as how much electricity, hot water, or heat you use; the size of your roof; and your budget. You should contact a solar contractor to determine what type and size of system is best for your home or business.

4. What damage will this cause to my roof?
A solar array should not harm your roof in any way when properly installed. In fact, by shading the roof from the sun’s rays and from wind, weather and debris, the solar array can actually increase the lifespan of the roof. You might even find that your roof, and/or attic space, will be cooler.

5. How long will an array last?
Solar panels can last between 20 to 30 years. Hosing the panels off a few times during the summer and keeping leaves off them in the fall is about the only maintenance required.

6. Which company should I call?
Review the Six Must-Ask Questions for your Solar Contractor and then check out our Contractor List.