5 Steps for Energy Assessment Success!

Congratulations on scheduling your Energy Smart Home Energy Assessment! You’re on your way to saving energy; making your home more cozy, efficient and affordable; and cutting carbon emissions.

Here are five steps to make the most of this opportunity:

1. Get out your utility account info.
In order to crack the code on your energy usage and unlock savings opportunities, we need to analyze your gas and electric utility history. Please have your utility account names and numbers ready for your Energy Analyst.

2. Clear the decks.
Make sure your crawlspace and attic hatches are clear for the Analyst to access those key spaces.

3. Clean out your fireplace or wood stove.
Your Home Energy Assessment includes a blower door test to identify air leaks by sucking air through your house — and potentially ashes, if your fireplace/wood stove hasn’t been cleaned. Yikes. Clean your stove!

4.   Have cash or check on hand.
The $100 payment for your Home Energy Assessment* (a $400-value service subsidized by CORE and our utility partners) is due on the date of service. Your analyst will accept cash or check.

5. Set aside time.
The average assessment takes between three to four hours. We encourage you to be home for the entirety of the assessment, but if that’s not possible, please be present at the beginning and the end.

*Large or mechanically complex homes will incur additional costs, for which you will be responsible. This amount is typically $.05/sf for each square foot beyond 3,000 square feet and then $.10/sf for each square foot beyond 6,000.