Earth Day 2023

We at CORE believe that every day is Earth Day.

Planet Earth is the only home we have and how lucky are we to live in such a nourishing environment that sustains us every day, not only with the resources necessary to survive and thrive, but with natural beauty that allows us boundless opportunities to recreate and seek solace and regeneration for our mind, body, and soul. Each one of us has dedicated our career to making an impact on the largest threat to our planet – climate change. Climate change is a global problem that requires solutions at the most local level in every region on Earth. At CORE, we are focusing on lessening the most intrusive sources that contribute negatively to climate change: our built environment. Within our homes and buildings lie great opportunities for every single one of us to reduce our impact on the climate. Much of these opportunities are latent until we each take the first step to turn possibilities into action. We are where action begins. This is why we work at CORE and are here to serve you and our environment.

“With great power comes great responsibility. We humans may enjoy dominion over nature but Earth Day forces us to pause and consider the responsibility that enjoins this great privilege. Are we living up to this responsibility to care for nature at a planetary scale? If not, what should we do to regain some semblance of balance with the natural world? In a well governed community, an imbalance with nature is a point of shame. Earth Day brings this imbalance into sharp relief and compels us to reconcile our behavior with the unsustainable toll we impose on the environment. At CORE we believe that there is still time to right these wrongs and that in doing so we will save nature and ourselves.”

Dallas Blaney, PhD.
Chief Executive Officer

“While I believe that most people in this Valley are conscious of their environmental impacts, Earth Day offers an opportunity for them to reflect on how they can do more, and hopefully consider CORE as a resource for sustainable change. Earth Day is an occasion to emphasize the significance of our mission, showcase our ongoing efforts, and encourage others to join us in creating a more resilient and healthy planet. At CORE, we firmly believe that every person can make a difference in protecting the environment, and Earth Day provides a platform to raise awareness about environmental challenges and solutions, as well as amplify our impact.”

Jake Lapp
Program Support Specialist

“Too often, we as humans take what we have for granted. The Earth and its natural beauty is what we take for granted the most. Earth day is an important day when we can pause, take in and appreciate the world around us. It is our responsibility to take care of this place we call home and working at CORE allows me to spend my time humbly trying to make the world a healthier place to live.”

Tim Johns
Energy Concierge

“Although the Roaring Fork Valley offers a plethora of outdoor activities, the reality is that Americans, on average, spend 90% of their time indoors where concentrations of some pollutants are 2-5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. That is why our work at CORE is important to me. I want to help homeowners make informed decisions on how to make their homes healthier and safer. And if we can reduce the use of fossil fuels in our home, we will make the outside environment healthier too. It is a win-win for us and our planet. Some ways to facilitate that win could be to replace gas/propane appliances such as your water heater and/or heating system with heat pump technology. You can also replace your gas stove with an induction cooktop/range or at least consider purchasing a single or two burner portable induction cooktop and cook on that when possible.”

Mary Wiener
Energy Manager

“My earliest memory of Earth Day is a park clean up day with my family and our neighborhood when I was 6 years old. About 10 years later, a National Geographic magazine with “Global Warming” and a burning forest on it grabbed my attention. I had never heard of Global Warming before then. I read the whole magazine. I had always loved the outdoors, and had a reverence for nature. I found my calling that day. The latest manifestation of that calling for me is my work at CORE! Later that school year, I was in an Earth Club meeting, lamenting about what us club members and others could do to make a positive impact for the upcoming Earth Day. That sure has changed! Today, there are great options for any member of our community to make a difference. Here are some examples. Tap into CORE to help you improve how your home or HOA or business uses energy. Donate to CORE. Write your elected officials to let them know you appreciate them funding CORE. Join an environmentally-related board or commission in your town or county. Volunteer for Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers. Get your apartment complex to start composting. There is so much you can do! Our special part of Colorado is full of spectacular places like the one in this photo of me. The photo and my trail run would have been ruined if there was smoke from some far away unfortunate community’s forest fire. Even worse would be a forest fire right there where I took the photo. Any of those options I gave can help to protect places like this special trail, for you, for me, and for future 6 year olds. Find your calling.”

Ryland French
Senior Director of Regional Climate Strategy

“Earth Day is a great reminder of the impact we as humans have on planet earth. It is a day to reflect on the individual actions we can take to make this world a better place. Whether it’s through composting, riding your bike or taking the bus to work, or using reusable bags at the grocery store, every action adds up. That’s why the work we do at CORE is so important. We empower people to take action in their home or business, and make it easy to get involved.”

Brittany LaClair
Fundraising and Events Coordinator

“Earth Day is like New Year’s Day, but for the planet. We should celebrate the successes of the environmental movement, reflect on our commitments to good stewardship of the Earth’s resources, and set goals for the future that will help support a thriving home planet.”

Tara Stitzlein
Buildings Program Manager

CORE is the world we inhabit.

Taking action to meaningfully reduce our impact is the ocean we swim in and the land we walk on.
Our language is the geography of our hope. It’s all written right here.

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