CORE's Carbon Drop Station
Our interactive exhibit at the March screening of “The Human Element.” PC: Dan Bayer. 

“What we have to unflinchingly look in the eye is how much choice we still have. The hard part is not wrestling with how bad things could get — it’s understanding how much responsibility we still have to make things better.”

Alex Steffen, writer and futurist

What will you do to make the world a better place? During Imagine Climate CORE’s month-long celebration of climate art and technology 83 people wrote letters to their future selves outlining the specific steps they will take to make a difference on climate. 

Our creative engagement team, Lara Whitley and Kate Henion, sought to deliver an opportunity for meaningful, substantive action. They enlisted the services of Michael Stout, Founder and Head of Department of Everyday, to amplify CORE’s message through an interactive exhibit: the Carbon Drop Station. 

“Our goal is to get more people engaged than ever before, and to help them contribute to a better future and more stable climate,” says Kate. 

With years of experience under their belts, Whitley and Henion know the secret sauce for climate action: it’s Shared Values + Emotional Connection + Incentives = Action. The incentives come in the form of CORE’s free technical advising and cash-back rebates.

“The Carbon Drop Station has really opened up new conversations,” says Kate. “People are especially interested to learn how the impact of recycling stacks up against things like installing a new water heater.”

This begs the question: with so many ways to make a difference on climate, how can you have the biggest impact? A panel from the Carbon Drop Stations shows how different actions stack up:

When it comes to carbon, upgrading your water heater has nearly 18 times the impact of recycling. 

It’s easy to see why CORE is doubling down on energy efficiency, renewable energy and electrification. But we also know that the road to a stable climate is an “all of the above strategy” that involves host of different actions and takes bigger, structural changes in combination with behavior changes. 

We need to counteract the idea that our future is set in stone. Its not; together we can fight for a brighter tomorrow. What will you do to help? Visit the Carbon Drop Station to pen a promise to your future self and our future planet. (Bonus: everyone who writes a letter will be entered into a raffle for a Specialized E-bike sponsored by Basalt Bike & Ski). 

Be on the lookout for CORE’s carbon drop station. Next stop: 5Point Film on April 27. To stay up-to-date on sustainability events across the Roaring Fork Valley visit: