CORE team L>R: Phi Philerman, Hannah Itzler, Lara Whitley, Mac Scott, Trish Chew, Marty Treadway, Mona Newton, Mike Bouchet. Not pictured: Andrea Hingley, Louisa Kimmel.

UPDATE: April 2, 2020

Per the local public health orders our COVID-19 plan will stay in effect until April 17th, or until further notice. 

March 19, 2020

Hello CORE family,

Our reality has changed a lot since we snapped this carefree staff photo last fall. Even though we’re working remotely now due to COVID-19, our team is still shoulder-to-shoulder with you in our work to co-create a healthy, carbon-free world. 

As our valley works to better understand the impacts of COVID-19, we want to provide a few updates regarding CORE’s response and our operations for the foreseeable future. Here are the steps we’ve taken to date to avoid possible spread of the pandemic, while aiming to provide you with excellent customer service:

Health and Safety 
  • Our operations remain open while our offices are closed to the public.
  • Team members are working remotely and honoring all social distancing and hygiene requirements. 
  • We have postponed public events until further notice.
Energy Assessments

At the present time, we are suspending our Energy Assessment program throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. This is to protect both you and our energy analysts, since we cannot guarantee six-foot distancing nor the health/safety environment within each building. On March 31, we will re-evaluate this policy. After that, a decision will be made for the program going forward.

Energy Advising

Remote energy advising, by phone and email, continues. You may schedule an appointment with our energy advisors and we will walk you through your energy-saving options and co-create a personalized plan that maximizes the impact for your space. In fact, this expert advice is free in the Roaring Fork Valley! Sign up here


CORE’s rebate program will also continue during this period, with some changes:

  • CORE will temporarily lift the assessment requirement to receive rebates for certain projects. These include water heating, space heating and solar projects. You will still be required to have an energy advising session to receive a rebate.  Some exceptions may apply for commercial projects.
  • Rebates for air-sealing and insulation projects will be on hold until our energy assessment program resumes. This is because before-and-after assessments determine the energy impact of the work.
  • For projects that do not require an energy assessment, there is no change in our rebate policy. These projects include: LED lighting and controls, such as thermostats and heat tape.
Education + Engagement

Our marketing team is diligently working to develop  virtual engagement and education. Please stay tuned for video tours, online learning opportunities, livestream programs and much more.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. In short, we look forward to reconnecting with you on March 31st with an update on our operations.

In good health,
The CORE Team