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Commercial Programs

CORE’s commercial programs have impacted the infrastructure in our community and contributed to sustainable development throughout the valley. These projects lower carbon emissions and provide an example of what innovation can accomplish, not to mention help our valley reach its climate action goals. Recently, we have been working with the City of Aspen on Building IQ, a commercial benchmarking program, and building performance standards for commercial buildings over 20,000 sq ft. This program measures a building’s energy and water usage, and then we provide advising and incentives to conserve resources. CORE gives commercial grants and rebates to help make places in our community more energy efficient, like the Soldner Center, TACAW performing arts center, and the Snow Queen Lodge, to name a few. These projects prove that low-carbon development is possible and worth it.

CORE will now cover 50% of project costs up to $50,000 for commercial energy efficiency projects on our Path to Zero. Commercial properties include multifamily properties, condominium complexes, apartment buildings, businesses, restaurants, hotels, nonprofits, government buildings, and more. The projects on CORE’s Path to Zero include small projects with a significant impact, like switching to LED light bulbs to big projects like electrification or adding renewable energy.

All of the commercial rebates start with a free energy assessment. During this process, the assessor will check the building’s energy use, leaks around doors and windows, and the building’s mechanics and equipment, such as the heating and cooling systems. At CORE, we realize there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we will work with you to devise the best plan for your space. Some of these projects can include:

Buildings contribute around 60% of greenhouse gas emissions, so be a part of the solution and on the list of impactful and innovative projects in the Roaring Fork Valley. To lower your building’s carbon footprint, get started with CORE and schedule an assessment today by filling out the form below or calling Phi Filerman at (970) 935-9775 x 502.

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CORE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to leading the Roaring Fork Valley to a carbon-free, net zero energy future.