When it comes to healthy food that tastes outrageously good, Chef Martin Oswald is your guy. As the executive chef at Pyramid Bistro in Aspen and Mix 6 in Snowmass Village, his creativity in the kitchen is well-known. What’s not as well-known is that Chef Martin does it all without fossil fuels.  His kitchens, at home and at his restaurants, are all-electric. Chef Martin joined us at Ben Koon’s net-zero home to do a cooking demo on an induction stove just like the ones he uses every day.

The Path to Zero is all about electrification and that means electrifying everything…even your stove. Induction cooktops use magnets to conduct electricity directly into the pan without any waste making it the quickest and most efficient way of cooking without fossil fuels. Check out what Chef Martin has to say about cooking with electricity as he preps fresh shrimp pasta!