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Learn how technological advances in cold climate heat pumps are disrupting the HVAC industry while creating better sales and profit opportunities for your company.

Over the last 10 years, major technology improvements in cold climate heat pumps have made them operationally robust, lower heating costs than propane and competitive with low-cost natural gas in all Colorado climate zones. The objective of this 1-hour course is to illustrate, using common residential heating retrofit and new home construction examples, how heat pumps are transforming the HVAC industry and how your company can take advantage or miss the coming disruption.
Course Topics:

  • Review the critical improvements in heat pumps such that they are now supplanting standard HVAC heating/cooling strategies.
  • Benefits to customers; monetary, comfort and environmental
  • Examples of common residential HVAC retrofits and HVAC in new homes. Heat pump based systems vs traditional propane/natural gas-based systems.
  • Guidance on design, sizing and system selection for retrofits and new homes.
  • How transitioning to a more heat pump focus product offerings can benefit your business.
  • Rebate programs and training support.

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