I feel positive about the future because solving the climate crisis is a huge opportunity to create the equitable, just, healthy, and prosperous world that we all want to see. I’ve dedicated myself to working on solutions because climate change affects what I love, and the important things are much bigger than me. Climate change really became a priority for me over a decade ago when living in Crested Butte. I would have the most amazing days on the mountain, then go back to my desk and see the science indicating that this could be lost. I understood the same forces would create very serious impacts for millions of vulnerable people around the country and world‚ most of whom contributed very little to the problem but bear most of the pain. Doing all I can to prevent this injustice while also trying to protect the things I love is what motivates me to do the work day after day. I have seen dramatic changes already ‚more wildfires, a new smoke season, reduced streamflows, wildflower fields turning into sagebrush, stressed forests, and impacts on human health from hotter days and polluted air. We have an opportunity to write a better future for all and that the one I work for.